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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ashima do before Christmas while Ashoke is in Ohio?
(a) She sits in the dark and misses her husband.
(b) She gets to know her neighbors better.
(c) She makes her own Christmas cards.
(d) She hires a maid just to have someone around.

2. What happened to one of the administrative assistants at NYU?
(a) She was caught pilfering money.
(b) She had an aneurysm and died.
(c) She was fired.
(d) She was turned down for pregnancy leave.

3. How does Ashima feel about Gogol having a girlfriend?
(a) She hopes he doesn't find a girlfriend because then he won't come home.
(b) She is quietly concerned and hopeful.
(c) She sees it as fate that eventually he will marry and leave her.
(d) She hopes he can find happiness as great as hers was.

4. Why doesn't Gogol enjoy the trip to Paris with Moushumi as much as he expected?
(a) He misses his work and feels useless.
(b) He worries about his mother alone and a widow.
(c) He doesn't like the French culture.
(d) He feels left out of Moushumi's circle of friends.

5. Where had Moushumi been at the time of Ashoke's funeral?
(a) Traveling extensively, something she'd always wanted to do.
(b) She was on an extended visit to India.
(c) At Brown University studying for her Ph.D.
(d) In Paris.

6. What unexpected effect does the wedding have on Gogol and Moushumi?
(a) They feel effervescent and energized.
(b) They feel greater respect for their Indian heritage.
(c) It makes them realize how serious marriage truly is.
(d) They are worn out and just want to rest.

7. Who does Ashima try to contact first after learning of Ashoke's death?
(a) Sonia.
(b) Gogol.
(c) Maxine.
(d) Her family in India.

8. How does Gogol meet Maxine?
(a) His parents arrange a meeting because he's old enough to marry.
(b) She sees him and is interested and arranges a meeting.
(c) Coworkers invite him to a party she also attends.
(d) He bumps into her on the sidewalk and they laugh about it.

9. How had Moushumi become engaged before meeting Gogol?
(a) Graham had gotten on his knees and proposed just like in the movies.
(b) Her parents arranged the marriage.
(c) They'd realized they couldn't continue on as they were doing and just decided to marry.
(d) She'd asked her lover to marry her and he'd accepted.

10. What does Moushumi tell friends her name means?
(a) A dark-haired beauty.
(b) A woman of mystery and night.
(c) A jewel of great price.
(d) A damp, southwesterly breeze.

11. What does Gogol do as soon as he gets the news of his father's death?
(a) He flies to Ohio to take care of things.
(b) He rushes home to comfort his mother.
(c) He tries and fails to get time off from work.
(d) He tells Sonia he can't get away and asks her to take care of things.

12. How does Ashima feel about Gogol's living with Maxine?
(a) She doesn't like it but knows she must accept it.
(b) She constantly tells him he must not live with her.
(c) She refuses to admit he's living with a woman he's not married to.
(d) She's glad because soon Gogol and Maxine will marry.

13. What book does Moushumi look for that was inscribed for her by Dimitri?
(a) Gone With the Wind.
(b) A volume of love poems.
(c) Shakespeare's poems.
(d) The Red and the Black.

14. What was the nickname that Dimitri gave Moushumi?
(a) Mouse
(b) Gorgeous
(c) Half Pint
(d) Dark Lady

15. Where do Moushumi and Dimitri first meet for lunch?
(a) A park where they share bag lunches.
(b) A cafe they both remember fondly.
(c) His apartment.
(d) A cafe near the train station because they are both in a hurry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gogol remember while returning to New York City after his father's death?

2. How does Gogol know that his mother is nervous about meeting Maxine?

3. What does Ashoke tell Ashima is the reason he's in the hospital?

4. Why does Ashima make her own Christmas cards?

5. Where do Moushumi and Gogol meet for their first date?

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