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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Ratliff's move to New Hampshire every year remind Gogol of?
(a) His family's preparations for a trip to Calcutta.
(b) A three-ring circus.
(c) A couple of kids sneaking away for a picnic.
(d) A well-organized military campaign.

2. Why do Moushumi and Gogol go to Paris after they are married?
(a) Moushumi's father is there, they visit him and his new wife.
(b) It's a long-delayed honeymoon.
(c) Moushumi is asked to lecture there.
(d) Moushumi loves the city so Gogol suggests a trip there.

3. Who wants to introduce Gogol to a girl he used to know as a child?
(a) His coworkers who met her recently at a party.
(b) His mother Ashima.
(c) A neighbor who knew them both as a child.
(d) His sister Sonia.

4. How does Gogol feel about Maxine's actions the day after they meet?
(a) He wishes she'd leave him alone.
(b) He is taken aback by her boldness.
(c) He is curious because he's never met someone so shy.
(d) He is flattered by the boldness of her actions.

5. What does Gogol do after window shopping with Moushumi?
(a) He buys a hat for her that she'd admired.
(b) He drops her off at her apartment then goes home.
(c) He rushes home because he has work that's waiting.
(d) He goes to a bar and has a quick drink.

6. What does Maxine tell Gogol to do while in Ohio that he doesn't do after all?
(a) Spend some time remembering good times with his father.
(b) Get out of the apartment and check into a hotel.
(c) Pick out some mememtos for himself.
(d) Take any leftover clothing to Good Will.

7. What about New York City interests Gogol's parents?
(a) Friends and places to buy Indian groceries and saris.
(b) The cultural life of the city.
(c) Nothing, they avoided going there.
(d) The fact that it isn't as crowded as Calcutta.

8. Was Moushumi's fiance comfortable with her Indian heritage?
(a) He was wary of her heritage from the start and said so.
(b) He wouldn't have anything to do with foreign customs.
(c) He loved the customs of her people.
(d) He seemed to be while he was in India visiting her relatives.

9. What kind of part-time job does Ashima get in chapter 7?
(a) She helps out at the library.
(b) She works behind the counter at a nearby fast food place.
(c) She works as a translator.
(d) She works for a home decorator as a consultant.

10. What does a waiter think when he sees Gogol and Moushumi together?
(a) That they seem unhappy.
(b) That they must be in love.
(c) That they must share a similar heritage.
(d) That they are brother and sister.

11. What does Gogol sense about Maxine's reaction to the neighborhood where he lives?
(a) That the landscape is foreign to her.
(b) That she feels at home in the normal, suburban environment.
(c) That she's horrified by the wide-open spaces and yards.
(d) That she doesn't like the style of the buildings.

12. What kind of daily routine do Gogol and Maxine follow at the summer home in New Hampshire?
(a) They follow the routine set by Maxine's parents.
(b) There is no routine, each day is strikingly different from all others.
(c) The days assume a pattern though there's nothing in particular to do.
(d) They go swimming every morning early, before dawn.

13. What happened to Gogol's relationship with Maxine after his father died?
(a) They each began seeing other people.
(b) They became bored with each other and separated.
(c) He stepped out of her life after many arguments.
(d) Their relationship grew stronger.

14. What does Ashoke tell Ashima is the reason he's in the hospital?
(a) He has unexplained leg cramps.
(b) He fell and his coworkers rushed him to the hospital.
(c) He has been coughing a lot and thinks it might be pneumonia.
(d) He has a stomach ache, he thinks he ate some bad chicken.

15. Why isn't Ashima alarmed when Ashoke calls her in the evening when he is sick?
(a) She is used to surprises.
(b) She doesn't expect it to be him, they seldom call each other.
(c) They talk every evening by phone so she expects it.
(d) She expects it to be Sonia, they talk often.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unexpected effect does the wedding have on Gogol and Moushumi?

2. Where had Moushumi been at the time of Ashoke's funeral?

3. What does Gogol do as soon as he gets the news of his father's death?

4. How does Ashima feel about Gogol having a girlfriend?

5. What had Moushumi's family done to find her a husband?

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