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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Moushumi's friends decide about names?
(a) No matter what the name, it eventually seems to suit.
(b) They will wait until the child is born and then decide.
(c) There is no perfect name.
(d) They wish their culture had as beautiful names as Indian ones.

2. What does Gogol remember in the days after his first date with Moushumi?
(a) The way her hair blows in the wind.
(b) Things about her as a child that he'd forgotten.
(c) How she'd finished his sentences for him.
(d) That he doesn't want to marry someone with a similar background to his.

3. Why do Moushumi and Gogol go to Paris after they are married?
(a) It's a long-delayed honeymoon.
(b) Moushumi's father is there, they visit him and his new wife.
(c) Moushumi is asked to lecture there.
(d) Moushumi loves the city so Gogol suggests a trip there.

4. What does a waiter think when he sees Gogol and Moushumi together?
(a) That they are brother and sister.
(b) That they must be in love.
(c) That they seem unhappy.
(d) That they must share a similar heritage.

5. What does Gogol sense about Maxine's reaction to the neighborhood where he lives?
(a) That she's horrified by the wide-open spaces and yards.
(b) That she doesn't like the style of the buildings.
(c) That she feels at home in the normal, suburban environment.
(d) That the landscape is foreign to her.

6. What happened to Gogol's relationship with Maxine after his father died?
(a) He stepped out of her life after many arguments.
(b) They each began seeing other people.
(c) They became bored with each other and separated.
(d) Their relationship grew stronger.

7. Why doesn't Gogol enjoy the trip to Paris with Moushumi as much as he expected?
(a) He feels left out of Moushumi's circle of friends.
(b) He doesn't like the French culture.
(c) He worries about his mother alone and a widow.
(d) He misses his work and feels useless.

8. What was the nickname that Dimitri gave Moushumi?
(a) Gorgeous
(b) Mouse
(c) Half Pint
(d) Dark Lady

9. Who or what does Gogol fall in love with when he falls in love with Maxine?
(a) Her dog Silas.
(b) Her entire family and their lifestyle.
(c) Her friends because they are so like Maxine.
(d) Her taste in houses because he's an architect.

10. Why isn't Ashima alarmed when Ashoke calls her in the evening when he is sick?
(a) They talk every evening by phone so she expects it.
(b) She doesn't expect it to be him, they seldom call each other.
(c) She expects it to be Sonia, they talk often.
(d) She is used to surprises.

11. Who wants to introduce Gogol to a girl he used to know as a child?
(a) His coworkers who met her recently at a party.
(b) His sister Sonia.
(c) His mother Ashima.
(d) A neighbor who knew them both as a child.

12. What are Moushumi and Gogol doing when he kisses her in her apartment?
(a) Cooking.
(b) Watching television.
(c) Grading papers for Moushumi's classes.
(d) Talking about shared childhood memories.

13. Why does Ashima make her own Christmas cards?
(a) It's a project for a club she belongs to.
(b) She likes the idea of putting her own personality into them.
(c) It's an idea she got from the book section of the library.
(d) She figures she'll save money this way.

14. What had Moushumi's family done to find her a husband?
(a) Nothing, they figured she would find someone eventually.
(b) Brought young Bengali men home to visit.
(c) Sought the help of a marriage broker.
(d) Asked their friends for names of suitable young men.

15. How do the Ganguli family friends react to the news of Ashoke's death?
(a) They are shocked and don't know what to say.
(b) They take turns helping with household chores.
(c) They tell the Ganguli family that they can now return to India.
(d) They all respond with visits, calls, and cards.

Short Answer Questions

1. What catches Moushumi's eye as she goes through Alice's desk?

2. Where do Moushumi and Gogol meet for their first date?

3. How had Moushumi become engaged before meeting Gogol?

4. What does Gogol ask Moushumi at the end of their first date?

5. Was Moushumi's fiance comfortable with her Indian heritage?

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