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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Moushumi and Gogol do during their free time after they are husband and wife?
(a) They spend time at the beach with their friends.
(b) They visit their families.
(c) They take night classes to keep their licenses current.
(d) They shop for items for their apartment.

2. Why did Moushumi walk out of a hair salon?
(a) A person she disliked was already there having her hair done.
(b) Something about the stylist's expression had felt insulting.
(c) She'd been told immigrants weren't welcome.
(d) The stylist didn't know how to do the style she wanted.

3. Why doesn't Gogol bring things home from his father's apartment in Ohio for his mother?
(a) He doesn't want to make her cry.
(b) It's not their way.
(c) He doesn't have time to sort through things.
(d) There's nothing of personal importance in the apartment.

4. How does Gogol feel about his frequent visits to Maxine's home?
(a) He feels like he doesn't belong and never will.
(b) He feels like he's effortlessly incorporated into their lives.
(c) He is uncomfortable with their overly friendly attitude towards him.
(d) He feels like they are only pretending to like him.

5. What book does Moushumi look for that was inscribed for her by Dimitri?
(a) Gone With the Wind.
(b) A volume of love poems.
(c) The Red and the Black.
(d) Shakespeare's poems.

6. What does Gogol do as soon as he gets the news of his father's death?
(a) He tells Sonia he can't get away and asks her to take care of things.
(b) He rushes home to comfort his mother.
(c) He flies to Ohio to take care of things.
(d) He tries and fails to get time off from work.

7. How does Gogol meet Maxine?
(a) His parents arrange a meeting because he's old enough to marry.
(b) Coworkers invite him to a party she also attends.
(c) He bumps into her on the sidewalk and they laugh about it.
(d) She sees him and is interested and arranges a meeting.

8. Why is it important to Moushumi to know that she is still capable of living on her own?
(a) Because her mother still does not know how to drive.
(b) Because being dependent makes her feel claustrophobic.
(c) Because she's not completely comfortable in her marriage.
(d) Because she wants to be like other American women.

9. Who or what does Gogol fall in love with when he falls in love with Maxine?
(a) Her friends because they are so like Maxine.
(b) Her entire family and their lifestyle.
(c) Her taste in houses because he's an architect.
(d) Her dog Silas.

10. What does the Ganguli family do on the eleventh day after Ashoke's death?
(a) They ask them if there is anything of Ashoke's that they can use.
(b) They return to India with Ashoke's ashes.
(c) They invite friends to mark the end of the mourning period.
(d) They dab themselves with mud and ashes for mourning.

11. How does Gogol know that his mother is nervous about meeting Maxine?
(a) She burns lunch.
(b) She can't remember Maxine's name.
(c) She's wearing makeup and a good sari.
(d) She mumbles, something she only does when she's nervous.

12. What does Maxine tell Gogol to do while in Ohio that he doesn't do after all?
(a) Take any leftover clothing to Good Will.
(b) Pick out some mememtos for himself.
(c) Spend some time remembering good times with his father.
(d) Get out of the apartment and check into a hotel.

13. Why does Ashima insist Gogol come home for a visit?
(a) Because she wants him to meet Sonia's new boyfriend.
(b) Because she hasn't seen him and misses him.
(c) Because Ashoke is leaving for a project in Ohio.
(d) Because he's drifting farther and farther away from his roots.

14. What catches Moushumi's eye as she goes through Alice's desk?
(a) A schedule for Moushumi's classes.
(b) A sender's name typed on the upper left corner of a letter.
(c) A confused and confusing personal letter to Alices' husband.
(d) A list of applicants Alice didn't finish going through.

15. How do Gogol and Moushumi dress for their wedding reception?
(a) They wear formal Western clothes.
(b) They are comfortable in casual clothes.
(c) They dress for warm weather for their honeymoon.
(d) They revert to traditional Indian dress.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gogol sense about Maxine's reaction to the neighborhood where he lives?

2. What happened to one of the administrative assistants at NYU?

3. What does Ashoke tell Ashima is the reason he's in the hospital?

4. Why isn't Ashima alarmed when Ashoke calls her in the evening when he is sick?

5. Why does Gogol bring Maxine to his parents home?

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