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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the nickname that Dimitri gave Moushumi?
(a) Dark Lady
(b) Gorgeous
(c) Half Pint
(d) Mouse

2. Was Moushumi's fiance comfortable with her Indian heritage?
(a) He wouldn't have anything to do with foreign customs.
(b) He seemed to be while he was in India visiting her relatives.
(c) He loved the customs of her people.
(d) He was wary of her heritage from the start and said so.

3. Where had Moushumi been at the time of Ashoke's funeral?
(a) In Paris.
(b) Traveling extensively, something she'd always wanted to do.
(c) At Brown University studying for her Ph.D.
(d) She was on an extended visit to India.

4. How does Ashima learn about Maxine?
(a) Maxine invites her to a party.
(b) Ashima asks Gogol's friends.
(c) Gogol tells her he's going on vacation to Maxine's New Hampshire home.
(d) She corners Gogol and forces him to tell her.

5. What about New York City interests Gogol's parents?
(a) The cultural life of the city.
(b) Nothing, they avoided going there.
(c) The fact that it isn't as crowded as Calcutta.
(d) Friends and places to buy Indian groceries and saris.

6. Who or what does Gogol fall in love with when he falls in love with Maxine?
(a) Her taste in houses because he's an architect.
(b) Her friends because they are so like Maxine.
(c) Her entire family and their lifestyle.
(d) Her dog Silas.

7. What does Moushumi tell friends her name means?
(a) A jewel of great price.
(b) A woman of mystery and night.
(c) A damp, southwesterly breeze.
(d) A dark-haired beauty.

8. What does Gogol do as soon as he gets the news of his father's death?
(a) He flies to Ohio to take care of things.
(b) He tries and fails to get time off from work.
(c) He tells Sonia he can't get away and asks her to take care of things.
(d) He rushes home to comfort his mother.

9. Why doesn't Gogol enjoy the trip to Paris with Moushumi as much as he expected?
(a) He worries about his mother alone and a widow.
(b) He feels left out of Moushumi's circle of friends.
(c) He misses his work and feels useless.
(d) He doesn't like the French culture.

10. What fact delights Moushumi as she begins her eighth semester at NYU?
(a) She's welcomed back by everyone she meets.
(b) She's at the top of her class.
(c) She will never again in her life take a class.
(d) She prefers her classmates over everyone else she'd ever met.

11. Where do Moushumi and Gogol meet for their first date?
(a) At Gogol's apartment in New York City.
(b) At a bar that's small, dark, and silent.
(c) At Ashima's house.
(d) They meet in Central Park.

12. How does Ashima feel about Gogol's living with Maxine?
(a) She's glad because soon Gogol and Maxine will marry.
(b) She doesn't like it but knows she must accept it.
(c) She refuses to admit he's living with a woman he's not married to.
(d) She constantly tells him he must not live with her.

13. What does Dimitri's neighborhood remind Moushumi of?
(a) Home.
(b) The world she's always wanted and never had.
(c) Paris.
(d) The home she will return to in an hour or so.

14. What does Maxine tell Gogol he should do while at his mother's house for the religious ceremony?
(a) She tells him that she now sees they are too different to be together permanently.
(b) She tells him he should get away and go to New Hampshire.
(c) She tells him his family needs him and he should stay there for a while.
(d) She tells him that she will try to fit in with his culture.

15. What does Maxine notice about Gogol when he plays with her dog?
(a) That he's intrigued by Silas.
(b) That he's never had a dog.
(c) That he's afraid of dogs.
(d) That he doesn't know how to throw a ball to a dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gogol sense about Maxine's reaction to the neighborhood where he lives?

2. Why does Ashima insist Gogol come home for a visit?

3. How does Gogol receive news of his father's death?

4. What happens while Moushumi and Gogol make love for the first time?

5. How does Maxine treat Gogol's parents when they visit on their way to New Hampshire?

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