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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How Gogol/Nikhil feel about his new name once a few weeks have passed?
(a) He feels like a new and different person.
(b) He doesn't give it a second thought.
(c) He wishes he'd never done it.
(d) He's confused and doesn't know why.

2. What does the nurse do when Ashoke and Ashima are first together with their child?
(a) She shows them how to change his diapers.
(b) She makes sure their wrist bands match.
(c) She leaves them alone for a while.
(d) She tells them that a child is a fragile thing.

3. What kind of name does Ashoke consider Gogol to be when he chooses it for his son?
(a) A name that will look good on an American letterhead.
(b) A pet name.
(c) A name his child should be proud to carry.
(d) He's too confused to think about names and chooses the first one that comes to mind.

4. Why doesn't Gogol want to go to school when he begins Kindergarten?
(a) He doesn't want to be the only Indian at the school.
(b) He is afraid of the strange building.
(c) He wants to stay home and play.
(d) He has been told he will be called by a different name.

5. What was Ashoke doing the day he almost died?
(a) He was crossing a street just like every other day.
(b) He was helping his parents clean the yard.
(c) He was climbing a mountain.
(d) He was reading a book.

6. What happens to Ashoke and Ashima within a decade of moving to America?
(a) They both become orphans.
(b) They seldom know what's going on with their families in India.
(c) They lose touch with their families in India.
(d) They become true Americans.

7. Who will name Ashoke and Ashima's baby?
(a) They have asked Ashoke's relatives in India to come up with a suitable name.
(b) Ashoke, because Indian fathers always name their children.
(c) They will ask an American because they want an American name.
(d) Ashima's grandmother.

8. Who else visits the baby Gogol in the hospital?
(a) Neighbors of the Gangulis.
(b) No one, they don't know anyone in America yet.
(c) Ashoke's fellow students from college.
(d) A couple the Gangulis met and a professor friend of Ashoke.

9. What error in speech does Ashima make when talking with the nurse?
(a) None, English was her best subject in Calcutta.
(b) She forgets to use the plural when mentioning toes and fingers.
(c) She slips into her native tongue without realizing it.
(d) She uses the wrong word for baby.

10. What does Ashima tell Ashoke as soon as they bring their baby home?
(a) She says nothing; she is tired and needs her sleep.
(b) She says she can't do this.
(c) She tells him they are starting on a new journey in life.
(d) She rebukes him for not having done the dishes.

11. Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown?
(a) The back is open.
(b) She hates white.
(c) It's ugly.
(d) It only comes to her knees.

12. What kind of people are Ashima's neighbors in her first home in America?
(a) A mix of peoples from all over the world.
(b) Families of professors at Harvard.
(c) Other immigrants from India.
(d) Out-of-work Americans.

13. How does Gogol feel after leaving the courthouse with a changed name?
(a) He wonders if he now looks more like an American.
(b) He wants to tell passersby that his name is Nikhil.
(c) He wonders if he did the right thing.
(d) He is concerned that his family will no longer accept him.

14. What do guests say about Sonia at the rice ceremony?
(a) She doesn't want to know her future.
(b) She'll always live between two cultures.
(c) She is the true American.
(d) She'll be important when she grows up.

15. When does the idea to change his name first occur to Gogol?
(a) When school officials can't pronounce his given name.
(b) When Sonia tells him people laugh behind his back.
(c) When relatives in India tell him it's not an Indian name.
(d) When reading an issue of Readers Digest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What place does Ashima recall while in labor?

2. What does Gogol's father say after giving him a special gift for his fourteenth birthday?

3. Are there many children about Gogol''s age at his second birthday party?

4. What kind of home does Gogol live in as an infant?

5. What does Ashoke do while pacing in the mens' waiting room at the hospital?

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