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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown?
(a) She hates white.
(b) The back is open.
(c) It's ugly.
(d) It only comes to her knees.

2. What do the Gangulis do with their home while they are in India?
(a) Rent it to an unmarried couple, students at the university.
(b) Pay a company to check on it every so often.
(c) Turn off the utilities and lock the doors.
(d) The sell it, figuring to buy another, nicer home when they return.

3. How does Gogol go about changing his school documents that were completed using the name Gogol?
(a) Only when necessary because paperwork doesn't match.
(b) In stealth, not letting his classmates know about it.
(c) He almost boasts to everyone about his name change.
(d) Methodically, one paper at a time but in no hurry.

4. What does the Ganguli family do in the beginning of their life in their new home, in the evenings?
(a) They sit outside and enjoy the luxury of a real yard.
(b) They go for drives and explore their new environs bit by bit.
(c) They watch American programs on their television.
(d) They work on their English language skills.

5. What does Gogol do with the book his father gives him for his fourteenth birthday?
(a) He sets it aside to read later when he has more time.
(b) He loses it almost immediately.
(c) He leafs through the book to see what it's about.
(d) He shuts the book and puts it on a shelf, unread.

6. What did Gogol do at his birthday party with friends that he'd never done before?
(a) He finally had a frosted cake and ice cream.
(b) He got presents from friends, something his parents had not allowed before.
(c) He said no to a frosted cake and ice cream.
(d) He had a boy-girl party with dancing.

7. In India, is it necessary to come up with a name for a child immediately after birth?
(a) Yes, because a name is extrememely important in India.
(b) Yes, because announcements cannot be sent out until the child has a name.
(c) Only if the child is in poor health and may not live long.
(d) No, because Indians believe names can wait.

8. What about the house becomes one of Gogol's earliest memories?
(a) The movement of the sun's rays across his bedroom floor.
(b) His parents discussing how to furnish their new home.
(c) Playing in the dirt because there is no yard yet.
(d) The sound of the kids next door playing baseball.

9. How Gogol/Nikhil feel about his new name once a few weeks have passed?
(a) He wishes he'd never done it.
(b) He feels like a new and different person.
(c) He's confused and doesn't know why.
(d) He doesn't give it a second thought.

10. Why is the principal confused about Gogol's name?
(a) She can't figure out how to pronounce the unfamiliar name.
(b) She can't understand Ashoke's Indian accent.
(c) She doesn't understand about Indian pet names.
(d) The birth certificate and Gogol's father state different names for him.

11. What is Ashima's second pregnancy like?
(a) She is sick but doesn't let that slow her down.
(b) She has no problems such as when she had Gogol.
(c) She is in serious danger of having a miscarriage.
(d) She is constantly sick and smells bother her a lot.

12. What makes Ashima's first outing with Gogol take longer than expected?
(a) The pram is old and she's afraid it will break down.
(b) She is still tired and can't walk as quickly as expected.
(c) Friendly Americans interested in her baby.
(d) Gogol cries and she must stop to calm him down.

13. Why doesn't Ashoke explain how Gogol came about his name when he gives him the book by Nikoli Gogol?
(a) He doesn't like the person his son has become.
(b) He feels Gogol should figure it out on his own.
(c) He doesn't want Gogol to know about the terrible train wreck Ashoke was in.
(d) He sees that Gogol is interested in other things.

14. Where does Gogol first begin to introduce himself to people as Nikhil?
(a) His first day of school in New Haven.
(b) At the bank where he gets a school loan.
(c) At the park where a little boy asks his name.
(d) As soon as he gets home he introduces his new self to his family.

15. Why doesn't Gogol want to go to school when he begins Kindergarten?
(a) He has been told he will be called by a different name.
(b) He is afraid of the strange building.
(c) He doesn't want to be the only Indian at the school.
(d) He wants to stay home and play.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Gogol gives his reasons for changing his name, how do his parents respond?

2. What bad news does Ashima receive from her family in India soon after Gogol's birth?

3. What happens when Gogol returns to school during his freshman year after meeting Ruth over the weekend?

4. How does Gogol feel after leaving the courthouse with a changed name?

5. What does the man who lends Ashoke the book on the train tell him that he should do?

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