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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the plane, why is Gogol happy to sit apart from his parents?
(a) Because he enjoys being on his own.
(b) Because he thinks no one will know they are related to him.
(c) He's glad because Sonia irritates him with her questions.
(d) He isn't happy, he's secretly afraid.

2. What was Ashoke doing the day he almost died?
(a) He was reading a book.
(b) He was helping his parents clean the yard.
(c) He was crossing a street just like every other day.
(d) He was climbing a mountain.

3. Where does Gogol first begin to introduce himself to people as Nikhil?
(a) At the park where a little boy asks his name.
(b) At the bank where he gets a school loan.
(c) His first day of school in New Haven.
(d) As soon as he gets home he introduces his new self to his family.

4. What do the Gangulis do with their home while they are in India?
(a) The sell it, figuring to buy another, nicer home when they return.
(b) Turn off the utilities and lock the doors.
(c) Pay a company to check on it every so often.
(d) Rent it to an unmarried couple, students at the university.

5. When does the idea to change his name first occur to Gogol?
(a) When relatives in India tell him it's not an Indian name.
(b) When reading an issue of Readers Digest.
(c) When school officials can't pronounce his given name.
(d) When Sonia tells him people laugh behind his back.

6. What did Ashoke do after the train wreck when he had nightmares at night and couldn't sleep?
(a) He paced and talked himself into a calm state.
(b) He went looking for people to be with.
(c) He drank until he could sleep again.
(d) He read books about other countries.

7. In India, is it necessary to come up with a name for a child immediately after birth?
(a) No, because Indians believe names can wait.
(b) Yes, because a name is extrememely important in India.
(c) Only if the child is in poor health and may not live long.
(d) Yes, because announcements cannot be sent out until the child has a name.

8. What makes Ashima's first outing with Gogol take longer than expected?
(a) Gogol cries and she must stop to calm him down.
(b) The pram is old and she's afraid it will break down.
(c) Friendly Americans interested in her baby.
(d) She is still tired and can't walk as quickly as expected.

9. How do Gogol and his friends celebrate his fourteenth birthday party?
(a) They got to a baseball game and have pizza afterwards.
(b) They have pizzas and watched a baseball game on TV.
(c) They go swimming at a nearby pool.
(d) They go to a pizza parlor where they play video games.

10. Who does Gogol meet on a train coming home from school during his freshman year in college?
(a) A fellow student from school, a girl he recognizes.
(b) A stranger who reminds him of his father.
(c) A woman who moves because she doesn't like immigrants.
(d) A friend from childhood whom he barely remembers.

11. What terrifies Ashima about having a child?
(a) Raising it in a place so far from home.
(b) Caring for a child with an absent husband.
(c) The pain of childbirth.
(d) The difficulty of getting her figure back afterwards.

12. What error in speech does Ashima make when talking with the nurse?
(a) She forgets to use the plural when mentioning toes and fingers.
(b) She slips into her native tongue without realizing it.
(c) None, English was her best subject in Calcutta.
(d) She uses the wrong word for baby.

13. What place does Ashima recall while in labor?
(a) Her childhood home in India.
(b) The apartment she shares with her husband.
(c) The lake she once visited as a child.
(d) No place, she's totally involved in her present situation.

14. How Gogol/Nikhil feel about his new name once a few weeks have passed?
(a) He wishes he'd never done it.
(b) He doesn't give it a second thought.
(c) He feels like a new and different person.
(d) He's confused and doesn't know why.

15. What does Ashima do immediately after she gives birth to Gogol?
(a) She cries from the pain.
(b) She gives thanks for a healthy child.
(c) She asks the nurse to give her child to her immediately.
(d) She begins to shiver profoundly.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Ashoke waits while Ashima gives birth, who does he thank for his survival and this miracle of new life about to begin?

2. After the train wreck, what did Ashoke do which he believes saved his life?

3. How many invited Indian immigrants come to Gogol's second birthday party?

4. How does Gogol go about changing his school documents that were completed using the name Gogol?

5. What kind of name does Ashoke consider Gogol to be when he chooses it for his son?

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