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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Gogol gives his reasons for changing his name, how do his parents respond?
(a) They feel even more insulted on behalf of Indians everywhere.
(b) They are afraid that Gogol is drifting farther and farther from them.
(c) They agree that the name Gogol only causes problems.
(d) They tell him in America anything is possible and to do as he wishes.

2. What does Ashoke remember when he and Ashima bring Gogol home?
(a) The conversation on the train before the train wreck.
(b) How beautiful Ashima had been when they first met.
(c) That he has a meeting and must soon leave for a while.
(d) That he'd not wanted children so soon.

3. What does Gogol do with the book his father gives him for his fourteenth birthday?
(a) He shuts the book and puts it on a shelf, unread.
(b) He leafs through the book to see what it's about.
(c) He loses it almost immediately.
(d) He sets it aside to read later when he has more time.

4. What happens when the Ganguli family enters the Dum Dum Airport?
(a) They look for a taxi to carry them to their destination.
(b) They are detained by security.
(c) They can't find their luggage.
(d) They are swallowed by hugs and kisses.

5. Who will name Ashoke and Ashima's baby?
(a) They have asked Ashoke's relatives in India to come up with a suitable name.
(b) Ashoke, because Indian fathers always name their children.
(c) They will ask an American because they want an American name.
(d) Ashima's grandmother.

6. Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown?
(a) It only comes to her knees.
(b) It's ugly.
(c) She hates white.
(d) The back is open.

7. How does Gogol feel after leaving the courthouse with a changed name?
(a) He wonders if he did the right thing.
(b) He is concerned that his family will no longer accept him.
(c) He wonders if he now looks more like an American.
(d) He wants to tell passersby that his name is Nikhil.

8. What error in speech does Ashima make when talking with the nurse?
(a) She uses the wrong word for baby.
(b) She slips into her native tongue without realizing it.
(c) None, English was her best subject in Calcutta.
(d) She forgets to use the plural when mentioning toes and fingers.

9. What is the one complication about Gogol/Nikhil's new name?
(a) He only wishes he'd done it years earlier.
(b) He can't remember to respond to his new name.
(c) He forgets and signs his old name every so often.
(d) He doesn't feel like a Nikhil.

10. Who does Gogol meet on a train coming home from school during his freshman year in college?
(a) A woman who moves because she doesn't like immigrants.
(b) A stranger who reminds him of his father.
(c) A friend from childhood whom he barely remembers.
(d) A fellow student from school, a girl he recognizes.

11. What do guests say about Sonia at the rice ceremony?
(a) She is the true American.
(b) She'll be important when she grows up.
(c) She'll always live between two cultures.
(d) She doesn't want to know her future.

12. Are there many children about Gogol''s age at his second birthday party?
(a) There are a few his age, most are older.
(b) He and Sonia are the only children, the guests are his parents' friends.
(c) Most of the children are about Gogol's age.
(d) Only one, a girl named Moushumi.

13. How do Gogol's parents explain his lack of an alternative identity to friends in India?
(a) They say they forgot such things after living in America.
(b) They say the law about names in America makes such identities difficult if not impossible.
(c) They tell people he would only respond to Gogol.
(d) They say alternative identities are not used in America.

14. What does Gogol's father say after giving him a special gift for his fourteenth birthday?
(a) He hopes Gogol likes it because it was rather expensive.
(b) He hopes Gogol uses it wisely.
(c) He hopes Gogol doesn't forget his Indian heritage.
(d) Nothing because he sees Gogol has ignored similar gifts.

15. What place does Ashima recall while in labor?
(a) Her childhood home in India.
(b) The lake she once visited as a child.
(c) The apartment she shares with her husband.
(d) No place, she's totally involved in her present situation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ashima react to Gogol's time in pre-school?

2. What was Ashoke doing the day he almost died?

3. What does the nurse do when Ashoke and Ashima are first together with their child?

4. What changes about the planned visit to India when Gogol is about a year old?

5. Why doesn't Gogol want to go to school when he begins Kindergarten?

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