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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In India, is it necessary to come up with a name for a child immediately after birth?
(a) Yes, because announcements cannot be sent out until the child has a name.
(b) Yes, because a name is extrememely important in India.
(c) No, because Indians believe names can wait.
(d) Only if the child is in poor health and may not live long.

2. What's the first thing that causes Ashima and Ashoke to suspect she's pregnant?
(a) She throws up after breakfast.
(b) She faints.
(c) She accuses Ashoke of substituting salt for sugar.
(d) She gains weight quickly, which makes them suspect pregnancy.

3. How Gogol/Nikhil feel about his new name once a few weeks have passed?
(a) He feels like a new and different person.
(b) He wishes he'd never done it.
(c) He's confused and doesn't know why.
(d) He doesn't give it a second thought.

4. On the plane, why is Gogol happy to sit apart from his parents?
(a) He isn't happy, he's secretly afraid.
(b) Because he enjoys being on his own.
(c) He's glad because Sonia irritates him with her questions.
(d) Because he thinks no one will know they are related to him.

5. What two kinds of names do children in India usually receive?
(a) Names to be spoken and names never to be said out loud.
(b) Formal names and informal names.
(c) Family names and nicknames.
(d) Pet names and good names.

6. What is Ashima's second pregnancy like?
(a) She is constantly sick and smells bother her a lot.
(b) She has no problems such as when she had Gogol.
(c) She is in serious danger of having a miscarriage.
(d) She is sick but doesn't let that slow her down.

7. What time of day was the train wreck?
(a) In the morning, when animals crossed the tracks looking for water.
(b) At two-thirty in the morning, the middle of the night actually.
(c) At noon, it happened when the depot was most crowded.
(d) In the evening, the engineer was blinded by the setting sun.

8. After the train wreck, what did Ashoke do which he believes saved his life?
(a) He stopped the flow of blood that otherwise would have killed him.
(b) He called out and someone heard his cry.
(c) He raised his hand and rescuers saw it.
(d) He climbed out of the wreckage and ran to safety.

9. Why is the principal confused about Gogol's name?
(a) She can't understand Ashoke's Indian accent.
(b) She doesn't understand about Indian pet names.
(c) She can't figure out how to pronounce the unfamiliar name.
(d) The birth certificate and Gogol's father state different names for him.

10. What does Gogol hate about explaining his name to people?
(a) How to pronounce it correctly.
(b) That many people in India have pet names when children.
(c) That it's not Indian and is absurd and obscure.
(d) That his parents didn't have a name ready when he was born.

11. What difference does Ashima notice in her days before and after Gogol's birth?
(a) Now she can't seem to organize her days.
(b) Now she has something to occupy her time.
(c) Now she isn't the center of attention when Ashoke is home.
(d) Now friends stop by at all hours to see Gogol.

12. Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown?
(a) It only comes to her knees.
(b) She hates white.
(c) The back is open.
(d) It's ugly.

13. What does the school counselor say about Gogol missing so much school?
(a) They say nothing, many of their students travel a lot.
(b) They are concerned and do not like it.
(c) They insist Gogol keep up on his studies.
(d) They feel the trip itself will be educational.

14. Why does Gogol's father take him to his first day of kindergarten?
(a) It's a tradition in India for a father to do this.
(b) Gogol asks his father to bring him.
(c) Ashima gets sick riding in a car so Ashoke must take him.
(d) Ashima is overcome by tears and can't bring him herself.

15. How do Ashoke and Ashima give in to American customs?
(a) They cease celebrating Indian holidays.
(b) They let Sonia and Gogol choose American food at the supermarket.
(c) They buy season tickets to sporting events.
(d) They wear American clothes even in their own home.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Ashoke waits while Ashima gives birth, who does he thank for his survival and this miracle of new life about to begin?

2. What kind of home does Gogol live in as an infant?

3. How does the breakup between Gogol/Nakhil and Ruth happen?

4. Who will name Ashoke and Ashima's baby?

5. What happens when Gogol returns to school during his freshman year after meeting Ruth over the weekend?

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