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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Gogol/Nakhil's parents think about his relationship with Ruth?
(a) They disaprove.
(b) They don't know about the relationship.
(c) They are undecided.
(d) They are happy their son is seeing an American girl.

2. What was Ashoke doing the day he almost died?
(a) He was climbing a mountain.
(b) He was crossing a street just like every other day.
(c) He was reading a book.
(d) He was helping his parents clean the yard.

3. How do Gogol's parents explain his lack of an alternative identity to friends in India?
(a) They tell people he would only respond to Gogol.
(b) They say alternative identities are not used in America.
(c) They say they forgot such things after living in America.
(d) They say the law about names in America makes such identities difficult if not impossible.

4. What do guests say about Sonia at the rice ceremony?
(a) She'll be important when she grows up.
(b) She'll always live between two cultures.
(c) She doesn't want to know her future.
(d) She is the true American.

5. In what type of neighborhood do the Gangulis finally purchase a home?
(a) An ordinary area where plastic wading pools are left out on the lawns.
(b) Where Ashoke can get to work quickly.
(c) In the country, where there are no neighbors to look down on them.
(d) In an historic area where they will be steeped in tradition.

6. What does Ashima do with most of the gifts Gogol gets at his second birthday party?
(a) She finds places for them in Gogol's crowded room.
(b) She returns those that are duplicates for gift certificates.
(c) The stores them in their original boxes for future use.
(d) She sets them aside for regifting.

7. What was Ashima's initial reaction to her first home in America?
(a) It was smaller than Ashoke had described.
(b) She didn't like the neighbors.
(c) It was not at all what she had expected.
(d) She was delighted with the sunny, spacious rooms.

8. What does Gogol hate about explaining his name to people?
(a) That it's not Indian and is absurd and obscure.
(b) How to pronounce it correctly.
(c) That his parents didn't have a name ready when he was born.
(d) That many people in India have pet names when children.

9. What does Ashima try to make for a midnight snack?
(a) Ice cream
(b) Rice Krispies bars
(c) A concoction sold for pennies in Calcutta
(d) Pickles, because she's pregnant

10. What happens when Gogol returns to school during his freshman year after meeting Ruth over the weekend?
(a) Gogol and Ruth have an argument.
(b) Gogol feels suffocated at school and asks to come home.
(c) Some of Gogol's friends set him up with a girl they know.
(d) Gogol and Ruth start seeing each other.

11. What kind of gifts does Gogol get at his second birthday party?
(a) Mementos of India.
(b) Trading cards for his collection.
(c) Baseballs, footballs and soccer balls.
(d) Dictionaries, calculators, sweaters, and pens.

12. What did Gogol do at his birthday party with friends that he'd never done before?
(a) He got presents from friends, something his parents had not allowed before.
(b) He had a boy-girl party with dancing.
(c) He finally had a frosted cake and ice cream.
(d) He said no to a frosted cake and ice cream.

13. What does Gogol's father give him on his fourteenth birthday?
(a) The baseball bat Gogol truly wanted.
(b) A gift certificate, because he doen't know what Gogol wants.
(c) A book of short stories by Nikoli Gogol.
(d) An expensive leather jacket.

14. What kind of name does Ashoke consider Gogol to be when he chooses it for his son?
(a) A pet name.
(b) A name that will look good on an American letterhead.
(c) A name his child should be proud to carry.
(d) He's too confused to think about names and chooses the first one that comes to mind.

15. Why does Gogol tell the judge he's changing his name?
(a) He doesn't like the writer he was named after.
(b) He wants a more normal name.
(c) He has always hated his name.
(d) People can't pronounce his name.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the breakup between Gogol/Nakhil and Ruth happen?

2. What does Ashoke do that reminds Ashima of the time he visited her parents' home?

3. Why does the principal finally end up registering Gogol by his pet name?

4. Who does Gogol meet on a train coming home from school during his freshman year in college?

5. What time of day was the train wreck?

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