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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What appearance does the Ganguli home present to a casual observer?
(a) Their home is typical of people who don't know how to decorate an American house.
(b) Their home is clearly the home of immigrants.
(c) Their home appears no different from their neighbors.
(d) Their home is painted an unusual color for the neighborhood.

2. What is Ashima's second pregnancy like?
(a) She is constantly sick and smells bother her a lot.
(b) She has no problems such as when she had Gogol.
(c) She is sick but doesn't let that slow her down.
(d) She is in serious danger of having a miscarriage.

3. What two kinds of names do children in India usually receive?
(a) Formal names and informal names.
(b) Names to be spoken and names never to be said out loud.
(c) Pet names and good names.
(d) Family names and nicknames.

4. What memory of the train wreck still haunts Ashima, even after his marriage and starting a new life in America?
(a) The still sky above such a terrible scene.
(b) The cries of the people trapped inside.
(c) The terrible silence after that first, wrenching crash.
(d) The twisted, battered, capsized bogies of the train.

5. How Gogol/Nikhil feel about his new name once a few weeks have passed?
(a) He wishes he'd never done it.
(b) He doesn't give it a second thought.
(c) He feels like a new and different person.
(d) He's confused and doesn't know why.

6. What was Ashoke doing the day he almost died?
(a) He was crossing a street just like every other day.
(b) He was reading a book.
(c) He was climbing a mountain.
(d) He was helping his parents clean the yard.

7. What does Gogol decide to do a few weeks after moving away from his family and starting college?
(a) He goes a little wild and ends up drunk.
(b) He moves back home because he's homesick and he commutes.
(c) Nothing, he finally accepts his name as a part of him.
(d) He decides to change his name legally.

8. In India, is it necessary to come up with a name for a child immediately after birth?
(a) No, because Indians believe names can wait.
(b) Only if the child is in poor health and may not live long.
(c) Yes, because a name is extrememely important in India.
(d) Yes, because announcements cannot be sent out until the child has a name.

9. What kind of people are Ashima's neighbors in her first home in America?
(a) Other immigrants from India.
(b) Out-of-work Americans.
(c) A mix of peoples from all over the world.
(d) Families of professors at Harvard.

10. What concerns Ashima about Sonia as she grows up?
(a) She hates the clothes she wears.
(b) She fears she'll forget her Indian heritage.
(c) She fears she'll color a streak in her hair.
(d) She has no real concerns, she's pleased with her daughter.

11. How does Gogol go about changing his school documents that were completed using the name Gogol?
(a) Methodically, one paper at a time but in no hurry.
(b) Only when necessary because paperwork doesn't match.
(c) He almost boasts to everyone about his name change.
(d) In stealth, not letting his classmates know about it.

12. What do Gogol/Nakhil's parents think about his relationship with Ruth?
(a) They disaprove.
(b) They are happy their son is seeing an American girl.
(c) They don't know about the relationship.
(d) They are undecided.

13. What does Ashima try to make for a midnight snack?
(a) Pickles, because she's pregnant
(b) Rice Krispies bars
(c) A concoction sold for pennies in Calcutta
(d) Ice cream

14. What makes Ashima's first outing with Gogol take longer than expected?
(a) She is still tired and can't walk as quickly as expected.
(b) The pram is old and she's afraid it will break down.
(c) Gogol cries and she must stop to calm him down.
(d) Friendly Americans interested in her baby.

15. What is the one complication about Gogol/Nikhil's new name?
(a) He forgets and signs his old name every so often.
(b) He can't remember to respond to his new name.
(c) He only wishes he'd done it years earlier.
(d) He doesn't feel like a Nikhil.

Short Answer Questions

1. As a young boy, how does Gogol feel about his name?

2. What's the first thing that causes Ashima and Ashoke to suspect she's pregnant?

3. What place does Ashima recall while in labor?

4. On the plane, why is Gogol happy to sit apart from his parents?

5. What about the house becomes one of Gogol's earliest memories?

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