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Gogol Book of Short Stories

A prized possession that saved Ashoke's life in a train wreck and became the inspiration for Gogol's name.

Train Crash

This is a memory from before the book begins, but is pivotal to Ashoke's life plan.

Missing Letter

Important information goes missing when this is lost in transit between India and America.


Finding this item puts a Moushumi in touch with an old friend.


This colorful cultural garment is common on the streets of India and is often worn by female immigrants from India.

Traditional Indian Food

Prepared and enjoyed daily in India, this is often used by immigrants from India in their homes in America.

Pemberton Road House

A refuge for the Ganguli family for more than twenty-five years.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Where the Ganguli's move in order for one of them to attend school.

Calcutta, India

Ashoke and Ashima retain...

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