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Chapter 1

1. What does Ashima try to make for a midnight snack?
(a) Rice Krispies bars
(b) Pickles, because she's pregnant
(c) Ice cream
(d) A concoction sold for pennies in Calcutta

2. Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown?
(a) She hates white.
(b) It's ugly.
(c) It only comes to her knees.
(d) The back is open.

3. Where do women in India go to have babies?
(a) An obstetrical clinic.
(b) They stay home and have help from their mother-in-law.
(c) Home to their family.
(d) The maternity ward in a hospital.

4. What place does Ashima recall while in labor?
(a) No place, she's totally involved in her present situation.
(b) Her childhood home in India.
(c) The apartment she shares with her husband.
(d) The lake she once visited as a child.

5. What terrifies Ashima about having a child?
(a) The difficulty of getting her figure back afterwards.
(b) Caring for a child with an absent husband.
(c) The pain of childbirth.
(d) Raising it in a place so far from home.

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