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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does James list out in Chapter 1 to annoy Kathryn?
(a) Her affairs.
(b) Her grievances.
(c) Her faults.
(d) Her aspirations.

2. About what does James needle Kathryn at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) Her relationship with Owen.
(b) His feelings for her.
(c) The importance of the dig.
(d) Tap's schooling.

3. What advice does Rowser give James in Chapter 3?
(a) Invest in Greek government bonds.
(b) Stay out of Lebanon.
(c) Take a safe job in the States.
(d) Get divorced as soon as possible.

4. What does James admit to Kathryn as they walk together in Chapter 2?
(a) He thinks the dig is a waste.
(b) He is jealous of Owen.
(c) He is seeing someone new.
(d) He fantasizes about her.

5. In Chapter 4, James marvels that he can barely read the Greek writing on what?
(a) A gyro stand menu.
(b) A box of oatmeal.
(c) A rail map.
(d) His passport stamp.

6. In Chapter 1, where does James tell Kathryn he has been doing most of his work?
(a) Turkey.
(b) Poland.
(c) The Soviet Union.
(d) Algeria.

7. What type of church did Owen attend as a child?
(a) Anglican.
(b) Catholic.
(c) Pentecostal.
(d) Unitarian.

8. Who is Mrs. Helen?
(a) Ann's housekeeper.
(b) Rowser's wife.
(c) James's secretary.
(d) Charles's employer.

9. Who else is on the bus that Volterra, James, and Del take in Chapter 6?
(a) Baptist missionaries.
(b) Israeli military.
(c) Japanese students.
(d) Muslim pilgrims.

10. In what part of his apartment is James at the end of Chapter 3?
(a) His balcony.
(b) His kitchen.
(c) His bedroom.
(d) His den.

11. What specific problem is Volterra having with his excursions in Chapter 6?
(a) Local authories don't like him investigating.
(b) He has no means of transportation.
(c) His passport is nearly expired.
(d) He lost his return ticket to the States.

12. In Chapter 5, where is Anand planning to go soon?
(a) The United States.
(b) England.
(c) Germany.
(d) Pakistan.

13. Which of the following is not a named object that Tap and James debate the meaning of in Chapter 1?
(a) A Wellington.
(b) A Chesterfield.
(c) A Mackintosh.
(d) An Ingersoll.

14. What do information do the two men in Owen's Chapter 2 story ask of him?
(a) Where he was born.
(b) What his business in Matala is.
(c) How many languages he speaks.
(d) Who is father was.

15. In Chapter 1, what does James say is the only thing he can remember in Greek?
(a) Directions.
(b) Numbers.
(c) Bathroom.
(d) Foods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What simple fact of commonality gives Owen comfort in Chapter 2?

2. Why did Owen Brademas promote Kathryn so quickly?

3. How does Kathryn describe her and James' post-separation relationship in Chapter 2?

4. When did Kathryn begin her work with Owen?

5. During their argument in Chapter 5, what does Kathryn call James?

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