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1. What does James Axton do in Europe?

James Axton is an analyst for a firm that assesses corporate risk. He travels to countries in the Eurasian regions east of Greece and determines what levels of civil and political unrest exist, as well as what level of ant-America sentiment. This is used to inform American corporations whether they should establish offices in these countries.

2. Why is James ridiculed by his friends in the beginning of Chapter 1?

In the beginning of Chapter 1, James is driving in Athens with a group of a American colleagues. They discuss the fact that James has yet to see the Acropolis despite the fact that he lives in Athens. Charles Maitland, an old friend, reprimands him for his senseless dithering, but Ann Maitland understands

3. Describe Tap Axton.

Tap Axton is the nine-year-old son of James and Kathryn Axton. He is absurdly precocious for his age and is in the process of writing a novel that is a prairie epic. He and Kathryn often speak to each other in a made-up language called Ob.

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