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Object Descriptions

Athens - This location is the protagonist's home and the home of most of his colleagues.

Kouros - This location is the site of a failing archeological dig.

The Mani - This object is a group of large hills.

The Thar Desert - In this location, a character goes mad learning about a murder-cult.

Lahore - An archeologist moves to this location after his dig is shut down.

The Cult - This group is obsessed with the sanctity of language.

The Northeast Group - This group is a risk-assessment organization.

Ob - This is a made-up language that several characters in the book speak.

The Dig - This group is eventually abandoned by everyone but two members when it yields no results.

The Fallen Boulder - This object contains a message form a mysterious death-cult.

The Acropolis - This object appears at the end of the novel...

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