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Lesson 1 (from The Island, Chapter 1)


Beginning with Chapter 1 of The Names, DeLillo establishes the importance of words with the Ob language and disagreements about Tap's vocabulary. Words have a seemingly mystical power in the novel.

The objective of this lesson is to examine words as tools in society.


1. Divide the class into three groups and have each make a list of 10 situations in which words can be used in a given way. One group should determine how they could be used as the vessels of truth. One should determine how they can be concealers of truth, and the third group should determine how they can be used as weapons. Each group should present its situations to the class.

2. For class discussion: Bearing in mind the conversation regarding the use of words, the class should review the first chapter of the novel and make a list of every reference to words...

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