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James Axton - This character makes a living assessing risk in European and Middle-east countries.

Owen Brademas - This character leads an ineffective archeological dig in Greece.

Tap Axton - This character has developed a secret language.

Kathryn Axton - This character blossoms personally after divorcing her husband.

Ann Maitland - This character has an affair with a mysterious and secretive Greek man.

Charles Maitland - This character is trapped in a mid-life malaise that separates him from his wife.

Andreas Eliades - This character may be a Greek intelligence agent.

George Rowser - This character has a pointed obsession with European architecture.

Frank Volterra - This character regularly abandons the sets of his expensive film projects.

Del Nearing - This character was saved from a junkie lifestyle by a film director.

Anand Dass - This character accidentally mentions that Kathryn's dig is being shut down.


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