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The Island, Chapter 1

• James and his colleagues debate his not seeing the Acropolis.
• James visits his wife and son on Kouros.
• James wonders where Kathryn and Tap will go when the dig is over.

The Island, Chapter 2

• James, Kathryn, and Owen talk for an evening.
• Owen talks about meeting strange cave-people in Matala.
• James and Kathryn talk about their relationship.

The Island, Chapter 3

• James meets with his employer, Rowser.
• James discusses marriage with both the Maitlands and the Kellers.

• James meets Eliades at dinner.

The Island, Chapter 4

• A man is killed on Kouros.
• Kathryn is planning to move with Tap to London after the dig.

• Anand tells James Owen may be closer to the cave-dwellers than he lets on.

• Ann Maitland is having an affair.

The Island, Chapter 5

• Frank Volterra becomes interested in the language cult.
• Kathryn takes Tap to British Columbia, where she has accepted a job...

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