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Jill Lepore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year did the American Revolutionary War begin?
(a) 1756.
(b) 1755.
(c) 1789.
(d) 1775.

2. When was the Indian Removal Act signed into law?
(a) May 2, 1818.
(b) May 28, 1830.
(c) September 1, 1825.
(d) March 12, 1865.

3. Where were Metacomet's wife and son sent after they had been captured?
(a) New York.
(b) Canada.
(c) Plymoth.
(d) Boston.

4. Where was Metamora; or, The Last of the Wampanoags originally performed?
(a) Carnegie Hall in New York City.
(b) The Park Theater in New York City.
(c) The Metropolitan Playhouse in New York City.
(d) The Boston Globe Theater.

5. When did Bartholomew de Las Casas die?
(a) 1598.
(b) 1548.
(c) 1602.
(d) 1566.

6. Where was Bartholomew de Las Casas born?
(a) Greece.
(b) Seville.
(c) France.
(d) London.

7. Who was the husband of Mary Rowlandson?
(a) Rev. Henry Rowlandson.
(b) Rev. Joseph Rowlandson.
(c) Rev. Andrew Rowlandson.
(d) Rev. James Rowlandson.

8. Which tribe of Native Americans, in the 17th century, inhabited much of what is now Connecticut?
(a) The Cherokee people.
(b) The Ouachita people.
(c) The Blackfoot people.
(d) The Pequot people.

9. Who wrote the play Metamora; or, The Last of the Wampanoags?
(a) John Augustus Stone.
(b) John Alderman.
(c) Richard Callicot.
(d) Increase Mather.

10. Mohegan translates to what in English?
(a) "People of the Swamp".
(b) "Children of the Star".
(c) "People of the wolf".
(d) "People of the bear".

11. The Five Civilized Tribes were the five Native American nations: the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and what?
(a) Mohawk.
(b) Algonquian.
(c) Mohegan.
(d) Seminole.

12. When did Mary Rowlandson's family move to Lancaster, Massachusetts?
(a) 1648.
(b) 1653.
(c) 1612.
(d) 1642.

13. Jill Lepore is a professor of American history at what university?
(a) Princeton University.
(b) Harvard University.
(c) Yale University.
(d) Rutgers University.

14. Who originated the Narragansett cultural revival?
(a) King Alexander.
(b) Massasoit.
(c) Wamsutta.
(d) Princess Red Wing.

15. What book did Jill Lepore publish in 2002?
(a) A is for American: Letters and Other Characters in the Newly United States.
(b) Blindspot: A Novel.
(c) The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party's Revolution and the Battle over American History.
(d) Encounters in the New World: A History in Documents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jill Lepore is a contributing writer for what publication?

2. Over how many colonists died during King Philip's War?

3. Who strongly opposed selling Indians into slavery, arguing that slavery was worse than death?

4. According to the author, the colonists took more than how many decades to rebuild what had been destroyed from King Philip's War?

5. Jill Lepore earned a M.A. in history from what university?

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