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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Adso awaken the monks in ‘Seventh Day’?

2. What did William do to Venantius’s parchment?

3. Who does William try to save in ‘Seventh Day’?

4. What do the monks do about the noticeable aspect of Malachi’s body?

5. Why did Jorge want to protect the book from others?

Short Essay Questions

1. What code is used in Venantius’s book?

2. What does William think about the relics?

3. What does William think about the book in Arabic?

4. What has happened to the abbot in ‘Seventh Day’?

5. In ‘Fourth Day,’ how many ‘eyes’ does William now have, according to Adso?

6. What might be ‘dangerous’ about the book’s contents?

7. What is the position of the monk who dies in ‘Sixth Day’?

8. How does William protect himself from the book in ‘Seventh Day’?

9. What signs are there that Berengar is in trouble in ‘Third Day’?

10. Who replaces the librarian?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel makes reference to various heretical sects, which – indeed – several key characters have belonged to. What is the importance of these sects? How does William treat them? How does he explain them to Adso, and what are Adso’s musings on their significance?

Essay Topic 2

William is fascinated by machines and makes particular reference to some new inventions. What inventions does he mention? How does he treat them? What are the other monks’ reactions to these inventions? What is their greater, symbolic significance for the text?

Essay Topic 3

A variety of languages, from Provençal to English to Latin, are used throughout the book. What is the significance of language in the novel? How do the “Italians” separate themselves from the others, and why is this important? How might reading this text in translation help us? Why did Eco not translate certain parts of French, Latin, and other languages found in the text?

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