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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the false pattern William followed?

2. Where is Berengar in ‘Third Day’?

3. According to the monks, who was Dolcino?

4. How does Adso awaken the monks in ‘Seventh Day’?

5. Who does William try to save in ‘Seventh Day’?

Short Essay Questions

1. What might be ‘dangerous’ about the book’s form?

2. What is Benno mostly ignorant of?

3. What does Salvatore expect his story to inspire in Adso?

4. Who starts the fire at the abbey?

5. Who replaces the librarian?

6. What is William’s response to the fire?

7. What makes the Cellarer ‘confess’?

8. In ‘Fourth Day,’ how many ‘eyes’ does William now have, according to Adso?

9. Where were William’s eyeglasses in ‘Fourth Day’?

10. What is Benno scared of in ‘Sixth Day’?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Judgment Day, the Apocalypse, and the Antichrist are frequent references throughout the novel. Why might these be significant? Are they truly the clue to the mysteries and murders taking place? If not, why might Eco have chosen to discuss them in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

The monks debate Jesus’s laughter at great length. Why is such a seemingly small matter the subject of so much debate? What texts do they rely on to support their theories? What is the greater significance of their debates, and how often do they refer to these issues?

Essay Topic 3

The physical buildings of the abbey are described in great detail, and shown to be resplendent. Eco even includes two maps of various structures. What literary significance do the buildings themselves have? How do they affect the story? Focus particularly on the library itself, as well as the ensuing fire.

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