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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what does Klorissa laugh?
(a) The thought that robots could feel.
(b) The idea that she would kill Dr. Delmarre.
(c) A joke Baley tells.
(d) The idea of people living face to face.

2. With what does Anselmo Quemot have difficulty when Baley is there?
(a) Being in the same room as Baley.
(b) Showing Baley his home.
(c) Telling Baley about Solaria.
(d) Giving Baley a straight answer.

3. What does Baley question concerning Daneel?
(a) If he is who he says he is.
(b) If he will protect Baley.
(c) If he is doing something undercover for Aurora.
(d) If he still considers Baley a friend.

4. Who is Jothan Leebig?
(a) The Director of the Space Terminal.
(b) The man with whom Dr. Delmarre had been working with in the area of robotics.
(c) The Planetary Governor.
(d) The coroner.

5. On what project was Dr. Delmarre working concerning robots?
(a) He was not working with robots, but rather fetuses.
(b) Creating a robot that could spank children.
(c) Creating a robot that could express love to the children.
(d) Creating a robot that could make its own decisions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baley tell several house robots to do?

2. Where is Baley at the opening to chapter 15?

3. What does Leebig say the distrust of robots is?

4. What is a direct violation of the first law of robotics?

5. What does Baley believe about the first law of robotics?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Baley "view" after his visit with Anselmo and what is her response to his request?

2. What does Leebig say about the first law of robotics?

3. How does Klorissa feel about her job at the fetal farm?

4. How does Gladia respond to seeing Baley in person and what does she tell him?

5. Describe R. Daneel Steel.

6. Who is the first person Baley interviews and how does the person respond to Baley being there in person?

7. What does Baley learn about Solaria from Anselmo Quemot?

8. Why does Leebig refuse to marry and how does this affect his relationship with the Delmarres?

9. How does Baley respond to Attlebish's orders?

10. Who replaces Gruer and what does he tell Daneel and Baley to do?

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