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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Baley think on the plane?
(a) The death of his boss.
(b) How little there is between him and the outside world.
(c) The murder he investigated with a robot in Spacer world.
(d) His mistress in Washington.

2. What happens to the evidence in the murder case?
(a) It is in the evidence room.
(b) It is eradicated by the household robots.
(c) There is no evidence.
(d) It is still in the murder victim's room.

3. What does Baley say about "seeing" Olivaw?
(a) That he does not understand the concept of seeing.
(b) That they never "see" each other.
(c) That he and Olivaw are in the same room.
(d) He refuses to divulve that information.

4. What is important to the inhabitants of Solaria?
(a) The cultural mores.
(b) The foods they produce.
(c) Their family ties.
(d) Their robots.

5. What happens to Gruer as he is talking with Baley?
(a) He has a heart attack.
(b) He is poisoned.
(c) He falls asleep.
(d) He dies.

6. What upsets Baley about the way he must question people on Solaria?
(a) That they only speak through mediators.
(b) That he cannot see them in person.
(c) That he can only speak to them one on one in person.
(d) That the tube distorts people's images.

7. What does Baley want to examine?
(a) The teleporter which was in the room where the victim is murdered.
(b) The viewer which was in the room where the victim is murdered.
(c) The young man who was in the room where the victim is murdered.
(d) The robot in the room where the victim is murdered.

8. What does Baley ask Gladia concerning the murder?
(a) If she committed it.
(b) If she saw the killer.
(c) If she knows the killer.
(d) If she is protecting the killer.

9. Who is R. Daneel Olivaw?
(a) His son's robot science teacher.
(b) The robot that serves Baley dinner on the ship.
(c) His boss's robot butler.
(d) A robot with whom Baley has partnered in the past.

10. With what does Olivaw believe Earth inhabitants have problems?
(a) He has no opinion about earth dwellers.
(b) Planets that are hostile to robots.
(c) Space travel.
(d) Being out in the open.

11. How long has it been since Gladia's husband has "seen" anyone besides herself?
(a) Since he was a boy.
(b) Never.
(c) Two weeks earlier.
(d) About three years ago.

12. Who was in the room when the victim is killed?
(a) A young man.
(b) A robot.
(c) No one.
(d) The victim's daughter.

13. Why is it unusual for a person from Earth to travel to Solaria?
(a) None has ever been there.
(b) It has an atmostphere based upon nitrogen.
(c) It takes 20 Earth years to travel one way to Solaria.
(d) It is at war with Earth.

14. What is Baley unable to do before he leaves Earth?
(a) Pack his own clothing.
(b) Get a clean uniform.
(c) Check out a gun.
(d) Say goodbye to his family.

15. Where is Solaria?
(a) Near the outer limits of the Milky Way.
(b) A place off world from Earth.
(c) A sanitarium on Earth.
(d) In the Andromeda Galaxy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does it take the robots to find Gladia after she faints?

2. About what is Baley nervous?

3. What part of the robot that Baley wants to examine is damaged?

4. Who does Gruer think is the murderer?

5. Where is Baley traveling at the opening of the story?

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