The Naked Sun Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Elijah Baley at the opening of the novel and about what is he thinking?

Elijah Baley is traveling on a plane to Washington to receive his new orders. Elijah is nervous about the sense of urgency that was implied with his summons. Elijah sits on the plane thinking about how little there is between him and the outside world.

2. How is the Earth encased, and how does that make Elijah feel?

The people of Earth have been encased in a steel dome for so many years that no Earth person has ever been outside. The thought of being this close to the outside world and open spaces causes Elijah to feel dizzy and sick.

3. How are the farming and mining areas set apart from other Earth space?

The dome on Earth creates a barrier between them and the outside areas of Earth where robots work on farms and in mines.

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