The Naked Sun Character Descriptions

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Elijah Baley

This character is a detective from Earth who is requested, by name, to investigate a murder on the distant planet of Solaria.

Gladia Delmarre

This character's frustration over her husband's lack of affection causes her to murder him.

R. Daneel Olivaw

A robot from the planet Aurora.

Dr. Altim Thool

The character who attends the death of Rikaine Delmarre.

Rikaine Delmarre

This character is a fetologist on the planet Solaria.

Hannis Gruer

This character is the head of Solarian security when Baley first arrives on Solaria.

Anselmo Quemot

This character is a sociologist on the planet Solaria.

Klorissa Cantoro

This character is the assistant of Dr. Rikaine Delmarre.

Jothan Leebig

This character is the leading robotics specialist on Solaria.

Albert Minnim

This character is the person who Elijah Baley reports to on earth.

Jessie Baley

This character is the wife of Elijah.

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