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Chapter 1-3

• Chapter one begins with Elijah Baley, a detective, traveling on a plane to Washington to receive his new orders.

• The thought of being this close to the outside world and open spaces causes Elijah to feel dizzy and sick.

• The dome on Earth creates a barrier between them and the outside areas of Earth where robots work on farms and in mines.

• Undersecretary Albert Minnim tells Elijah that Elijah is to go to one of the Outer Worlds to a planet called Solaria.

• A murder has been committed on the planet which has no police force because it has had no crime in the past.
• Elijah doesn't want to go and is confused as to why they would want an Earthman.

• People on the Outer Worlds believe Earthmen to be nasty humans that are covered in germs.

• Elijah tries to refuse the assignment, but Albert insists...

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