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Short Answer Questions

1. What form of travel did Camus use to reach Tipasa?

2. Who are 'the handmaids of justice'?

3. To whom are the words 'Presumption, regression of progress' attributed?

4. What had the writer hoped to gain when he first visited Tipasa?

5. From examining the text, what do we learn about Salamis?

Short Essay Questions

1. What must modern man do if he is to recapture the mindset of Ancient Greece and be truly civilized?

2. What has Camus to say about the shops in Oran?

3. What problems does Camus see in modern philosophy?

4. Can the artist remain aloof from the world he comments upon, depicts and criticizes?

5. What is peculiar about the built environment of Oran, according to Camus?

6. What lies 'beyond the yellow walls of Oran'?

7. What attitudes and feelings does Camus convey to the reader in the opening paragraphs of his essay 'Return to Tipasa'?

8. In what respects does Camus state that Algiers is capable of gratifying every human wish?

9. Comment on the title of the essay 'Helen's Exile'.

10. In what respect did the Greek philosopher Heraclitus think of human society and the physical universe being similar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Comment on the implications of what Camus calls the 'hiatus between what we fancy we know and what we really know'. You might like to focus on the famous example of Galileo and the Inquisition or cite other instances in which there was a gap between what humans thought they knew and what actually was the case ('flat' earth or the 'impossibility of stones falling from the sky'). As well as examining the implications of this hiatus, consider solutions to the problem.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay in which you explain the ways in which having a personal philosophy benefits the individual. You might like to consider how having a philosophy provides a strong rationale for life choices and actions. You might also consider the effects, for society, of multiple philosophies.

Essay Topic 3

Viewing this collection of Albert Camus' essays as a whole, how would you assess their importance in relation to current attitudes to the meaning of life, non-violence and conservation. This essay is a high-order task. You will need to demonstrate your deep understanding of the work you have studied. In preparation, you should review and reflect upon the central issues dealt with in Camus' work and check that you thoroughly understand his continual reference to the myths and philosophy of Ancient Greece.

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