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Short Answer Questions

1. What had the writer hoped to gain when he first visited Tipasa?

2. What status as a philosopher does Camus accord Plato?

3. What had changed Camus' life in September, 1939?

4. What would the writer choose never to do?

5. What happens at noon at the Place du Gouvernement?

Short Essay Questions

1. What 'two thirsts' has Camus been able to slake through his visit to Tipasa?

2. What is ironic and unexpected about Camus' description of the way the Algerian people enjoy summer?

3. What, according to Camus, is paradoxical about the crowded city of Oran, and crowded cities in general?

4. What lies 'beyond the yellow walls of Oran'?

5. From information in Camus' text, what do we understand Tipasa to be?

6. Does Camus see himself as a romantic?

7. Comment on the force of the phrase 'indulge in a swim' rather than 'go for a swim'.

8. What is suggested about the Algiers community by Camus' reference to the colors seen on the beaches in summer?

9. In what way is Camus' comments about Algerian youth tempered by sadness?

10. What factor does Camus claim separates him from some sections of the leftist movement?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Viewing this collection of Albert Camus' essays as a whole, how would you assess their importance in relation to current attitudes to the meaning of life, non-violence and conservation. This essay is a high-order task. You will need to demonstrate your deep understanding of the work you have studied. In preparation, you should review and reflect upon the central issues dealt with in Camus' work and check that you thoroughly understand his continual reference to the myths and philosophy of Ancient Greece.

Essay Topic 2

'Fame is the spur that leads men on'. Discuss. There are different kinds of fame you could consider. You might consider that perhaps the pursuit of fame is a way some people confirm the significance of their lives. What are the gains to be had through fame? These could be material, but also perhaps spiritual--depending on the type of fame enjoyed.

Essay Topic 3

'Camus' use of Franz Kafka's work is particularly apt when we consider the idea of the absurd world.' Discuss the way Camus cites Kafka in the course of his exposition on the absurd. You will need to relate characters and incidents to ideas expressed by Camus. You will also need to consider implications of those ideas. It is important, too, to include any necessary critique of the way Camus has referred to Kafka's work.

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