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Short Answer Questions

1. Of what do the freighters from Norway smell?

2. What significant thing concerning Socrates does Camus refer to?

3. What had changed Camus' life in September, 1939?

4. Which composer is associated with Salzburg?

5. What comment does Camus make about the word 'sin'?

Short Essay Questions

1. What, according to Camus, is paradoxical about the crowded city of Oran, and crowded cities in general?

2. Explain the attraction the desert has for thinking human beings.

3. What does Camus take away from his visit to Tipasa?

4. What problems does Camus see in modern philosophy?

5. In what way is Camus' comments about Algerian youth tempered by sadness?

6. Comment on the title of the essay 'Helen's Exile'.

7. What technique does Camus use to convey the impression that Tipasa is a peaceful and happy place?

8. What is suggested about the Algiers community by Camus' reference to the colors seen on the beaches in summer?

9. What factor does Camus claim separates him from some sections of the leftist movement?

10. In what respect did the Greek philosopher Heraclitus think of human society and the physical universe being similar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay in which you argue for or against Camus' proposition that Sisyphus was happy in the eternal performance of his useless task. You will need to consider the chain of events that resulted in Sisyphus's fate. It will also be necessary for you to discuss Camus position regarding the absurd and your own response to this. There are no right or wrong answers in philosophy, but you will be assessed on the strength and validity of your argument as well as your written expression and the proper construction of your essay.

Essay Topic 2

'Kafka's literary and philosophical works have had significant influence in ways of thinking and in the creation of other works of art.' Compose an essay that is a response to this statement. You will need to discuss at least two works mentioned by Camus and evaluate the way in whch these works have influenced other writers, citing at least two examples of the 'Kafkaeque'.

Essay Topic 3

Account for Camus' interest in the work of Russian writer Dostoevsly. For what reasons does Camus choose to refer frequently to this novelist? To what extent is an appreciation of Dostoevsky required to understand Camus' position on The Absurd?

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