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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the role of Nemesis?
(a) To claim revenge.
(b) To bring soothing sleep.
(c) To punish those who exceed their limits.
(d) To restore memory of past sins.

2. What did the writer do when the weather changed?
(a) Went to the beach.
(b) Went to Mass to give thanks.
(c) Set off for Tipasa.
(d) Set off for Oran.

3. What word does Camus think is meaningless in Algeria?
(a) Loyalty.
(b) Virtue.
(c) Death.
(d) Faith.

4. Which composer is associated with Salzburg?
(a) Mozart.
(b) Messiaen.
(c) Beethoven.
(d) Wagner.

5. What kind of role is that of the witness?
(a) Compromising.
(b) Comfortable.
(c) Precarious.
(d) Valuable.

6. What must an artist serve simultaneously?
(a) Dangers and dissonance.
(b) Nature and humanity.
(c) Dangers and bitterness.
(d) Suffering and beauty.

7. Which culture/philosophy does Camus dismiss as 'the child of disproportion'?
(a) Arabic.
(b) Chinese.
(c) European.
(d) Hindu.

8. Of what does the color of the ruined city's columns remind the writer?
(a) Quartz.
(b) Blood.
(c) Roses.
(d) Bread.

9. What will happen if people keep silent?
(a) Atrocities will occur.
(b) They will avoid persecution.
(c) They will be deprived of hope.
(d) The printing industry will be compromised.

10. What is paradoxical about Algiers?
(a) It is on the sea, but inaccessible to shipping.
(b) It gives a man both pleasure and misery.
(c) There is lots of sunlight, yet the place resembles a grim fortress.
(d) It contains both cathedrals and mosques.

11. What restores calm to the fight audience after the near-riot?
(a) Pleas from a tearful woman.
(b) The announcement of the main bout.
(c) The arrival of the police.
(d) A plea from Camus himself.

12. Where can Moorish cafes be found?
(a) On the waterfront.
(b) In the Kasbah.
(c) Under the clock tower.
(d) Behind the mosque.

13. With God dead, what remains?
(a) An erratic universe.
(b) Power.
(c) Chaos and warfare.
(d) History and power.

14. What happens at noon at the Place du Gouvernement?
(a) There is silence.
(b) The bus from Oran arrives.
(c) People gather.
(d) A bell rings.

15. What type of music is played before the fight?
(a) European techno music.
(b) Italian opera.
(c) Sentimental Italian music.
(d) Ballads from the 1930s.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can be found at Padovani Beach?

2. What phenomenon has seemed continuous since Camus' last departure from Algiers?

3. Where is history now to be found?

4. What is needed for a person to 'come alive again'?

5. Traditionally, what has the left (of politics) been concerned to fight, according to Camus?

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