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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the modern political scene force an artist to do?
(a) Join a political party.
(b) To take a stand--for or against.
(c) Move to a more peaceful environment.
(d) The artist must remain neutral to preserve his integrity.

2. Traditionally, what has the left (of politics) been concerned to fight, according to Camus?
(a) Freedom of speech and worship.
(b) Injustice, obscurantism and oppression.
(c) Government interference, trade unions and religious fundamentalists.
(d) Freedom of the press, injustice and political change.

3. With what did Socrates' life end.
(a) A true confession.
(b) A confession of faith.
(c) A confessional poem.
(d) A confession of ignorance.

4. What does Vincent do for a living?
(a) He is a copper.
(b) He is a cooper.
(c) He is a consultant.
(d) He is a concierge.

5. What makes Algiers different from cities like Paris, Prague and Florence?
(a) Its buildings are predominantly of red granite.
(b) It is protected by levees and walls.
(c) It is not walled, but open.
(d) It has been settled since the ninth century B.C..

6. What phenomenon has seemed continuous since Camus' last departure from Algiers?
(a) Terrorism.
(b) Oppression.
(c) Drought.
(d) Rain.

7. Camus uses the word 'furtive' to describe _____________.
(a) Wormwood plants.
(b) The ancient columns.
(c) Olive trees.
(d) Lizards.

8. What is the role of Nemesis?
(a) To restore memory of past sins.
(b) To bring soothing sleep.
(c) To punish those who exceed their limits.
(d) To claim revenge.

9. What trees grow above the city?
(a) Olives and eucalypts.
(b) Olives and oranges.
(c) Mastics and olives.
(d) Mimosa and pittosporums.

10. To what type of person is Camus drawn as an artist?
(a) Leftist intellectuals because they hold the key to progress.
(b) The common people who endure burdens and humiliation.
(c) The powerful minority in society who need to be enlightened.
(d) The uncomplicated Berbers of North Africa.

11. What comment does Camus make concerning the end of history?
(a) We need to ignore it and make our own lives count for something.
(b) It is too frightening for us to try and imagine.
(c) It will come when God is pleased for it to happen.
(d) It can't have any definable significance for us.

12. What does Camus describe as 'sheer madness'?
(a) Returning to places that were important in one's youth.
(b) Trying to find friends from long ago.
(c) Expecting nothing to change as we grow older.
(d) Going into dimly lighted cafes at night.

13. As Camus describes it, the impression one has of the setting for the boxing boxing match is _______________.
(a) Chaotic.
(b) Well-organized.
(c) Exciting and dangerous.
(d) Squalid and crowded.

14. What word does Camus think is meaningless in Algeria?
(a) Virtue.
(b) Death.
(c) Faith.
(d) Loyalty.

15. What is needed for a person to 'come alive again'?
(a) Meditation in a suitable place.
(b) Prayer and meditation.
(c) Special grace, self-forgetfulness or a homeland.
(d) A beautiful homeland and a loving family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of music is played before the fight?

2. What word best describes Camus' attitude to Oran's shops?

3. Which city is Oran's rival?

4. Which groups of people exchange positions rapidly in this changed world?

5. At Belcourt, how have marriages been arranged?

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