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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Myth of Sisyphus: Myth of Sisyphus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Camus summarize the actor's art?
(a) As an absurd illusion.
(b) As the ability to represent faithfully.
(c) As the ability to simulate absolutely.
(d) As dangerous counterfeit.

2. Who was Adrienne Lecouvreur?
(a) A French composer of operetta.
(b) A French philosopher.
(c) Voltaire's mistress.
(d) A French actress.

3. According to Camus, what is the only way Iago can be understood?
(a) By thorough analysis of the text.
(b) By playing him.
(c) Through an understanding of Venetian military structure.
(d) In terms of the absurd.

4. In what way is a modern worker similar to Sisyphus?
(a) The worker spends every day at the same tasks.
(b) The tasks they have to do are too hard for them.
(c) The worker is forbidden to innovate.
(d) The worker is a slave like Sisyphus.

5. According to Camus, what is important about the idea that actions have consequences?
(a) It is a basic principle in what is known as 'brain-washing'.
(b) It is the basis of the legal system in Muslim countries.
(c) It is a basic principle of child rearing.
(d) It is the principle behind all systems of morality.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information do we have about Sisyphus in the underworld?

2. What sacrifice does Loyola say God rejoices in?

3. What is astonishing about eternal values?

4. What does Camus see as an almost inevitable companion to passion?

5. What were the consequences of Sisyphus putting Death in chains?

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