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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Return to Tipasa.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of thought is involved in the absurd?
(a) Contradictory.
(b) Rational.
(c) Creative.
(d) Lateral.

2. What is the role of Nemesis?
(a) To restore memory of past sins.
(b) To bring soothing sleep.
(c) To claim revenge.
(d) To punish those who exceed their limits.

3. In what way is a modern worker similar to Sisyphus?
(a) The worker spends every day at the same tasks.
(b) The tasks they have to do are too hard for them.
(c) The worker is forbidden to innovate.
(d) The worker is a slave like Sisyphus.

4. What does Camus suggest happens in bad novels?
(a) There is substantial over-writing, especially with descriptive passages.
(b) Dialogue is poorly written and often inappropriate to character.
(c) There is too much emphasis on structure.
(d) Thought becomes more important than style.

5. What is the hero's great fear following his transformation?
(a) His father's anger.
(b) That his girlfriend will find out.
(c) His mother's tears.
(d) His boss' anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What common quality can be found in Kafka, Proust and Plotinus?

2. What were the consequences of Sisyphus putting Death in chains?

3. According to Camus, what have 'the smell of the office clinging to them'?

4. Camus mentions the parliament of birds in which literary source?

5. What can be found at Padovani Beach?

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