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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Summer in Algiers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once, how were the condemned spared the sight of the scaffold?
(a) The execution chamber was never lit.
(b) The condemned person walked backwards, with two priests assisting.
(c) Priests held a little painted screens in front of the condemned person's face.
(d) The condemned person was blindfolded.

2. What comment does Camus make about Greek tragedy?
(a) It is over-estimated.
(b) It is too culturally specific to be useful.
(c) It is rich in lessons.
(d) It is obscure, hard to comprehend.

3. How does Camus summarize the actor's art?
(a) As the ability to simulate absolutely.
(b) As an absurd illusion.
(c) As dangerous counterfeit.
(d) As the ability to represent faithfully.

4. According to Camus, what makes the myth of Sisyphus tragic?
(a) He has been a plaything of the gods.
(b) The hero has received unjust punishment.
(c) The hero is conscious of his situation.
(d) The presence of The Furies.

5. According to Camus, what is tiresome about the human attitude to fate?
(a) We take credit for happiness, but blame fate for what crushes us.
(b) It tends to make us inactive.
(c) It is unrealistic.
(d) It hasn't changed in a thousand years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What 'two worlds' does Kafka present in his novels?

2. What is meant by 'savoir-faire'?

3. What does Camus suggest happens in bad novels?

4. How does night descend on the city?

5. What do Arabs sell for five sous?

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