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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Helen's Exile.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would be a synonym for the phrase 'fecund rumination' (p. 93 of the Penguin Edition)?
(a) Vetinarary fees.
(b) Happy return.
(c) Lively imagination.
(d) Productive thought.

2. What has Camus to say about 'great revolutions'?
(a) They take us into a sure future.
(b) They never last.
(c) They are always metatextual.
(d) They are always metaphysical.

3. In what way are people's minds related?
(a) Through the collective unconscious.
(b) Through common contradictions.
(c) Through common purpose.
(d) Through common beliefs and visions.

4. In The Castle, what is significant about the character Amalia?
(a) She is a dwarf.
(b) She is the only character without hope.
(c) She is meant to be a representation of Helen of Troy.
(d) She is pregnant.

5. Which novel deals with a soul in quest of grace?
(a) Metamorphosis.
(b) The Castle.
(c) The Life and Times of Michael K.
(d) The Trial.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whose victory must we hope?

2. Identify the literary device Camus uses in: 'Even men without a gospel have their Mount of Olives'.

3. In what ways are the thinker and the artist alike?

4. With what did Socrates' life end.

5. What is the contrast between the historical and artistic spirits, according to Camus?

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