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The Myth of Sisyphus: An Absurd Reasoning

1. What does Camus see as the one truly serious philosophical problem?
(a) The problem of human pain and suffering.
(b) Judging the value of actions.
(c) Judging whether or not life is worth living.
(d) Judging the value of religion.

2. What argument does Camus dismiss as 'a matter of profound indifference'?
(a) Whether or not the Bible is literally true.
(b) The absurd dilemma.
(c) Whether or not the earth revolves around the sun.
(d) The ontological argument.

3. What factors ought to underpin discussion of the meaning of life?
(a) Common sense and perseverence.
(b) Common sense and understanding.
(c) The rebel and his place in history.
(d) Don Quixote and a sense of the absurd.

4. What does Camus claim is different about his discussion of suicide?
(a) His attitude to it is more sympathetic.
(b) It is easier to read than most works of philosophy.
(c) He sees it as an individual matter, not purely a social one.
(d) His views have been formed after conducting many interviews.

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