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Søren Kierkegaard

This existentialist philosopher believes in the 'leap of faith', but Camus believes that, through the addition of religious hope, the philosopher has betrayed his earlier position. This makes his philosophy illegitimate.

Franz Kafka

This early twentieth century writer created ambiguous stories in which characters behaved naturally in what were essentially absurd, surreal situations.

Fyodor Dostoievsky

This nineteenth century Russian writer inquires into the meaning of life. He is a legitimately absurd writer, even though he abandons absurd principles he had formerly embraced and, ultimately, concludes that God exists. His characters are often 'God's fools'.

Leon Chestov

This Russian philosopher concludes that God is unknowable when applying only human reason. Nevertheless, the unknowable nature of God does not mean he cannot be believed in and served.

Friedrich Nietzsche

This German philosopher of the late nineteenth century has had a far-reaching influence. He recognized the absurdity of...

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