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The Myth of Sisyphus: An Absurd Reasoning

• Of all philosophical questions, whether or not to commit suicide, upon realization that life is essentially meaningless, is the one that is the most important.

• Though it has been considered in this way, suicide is not a social question but an individual one. Whatever the causes of suicide might be, its meaning is always the same: to the suicide, life is not worth living. The question really concerns whether or not life has meaning.
• Fundamentally, people commit suicide due to a sense of absurdity, of meaninglessness in their lives. Some philosophers escape absurdity through belief in God. However, hope and religion are not the only ways to cope with the human predicament.

• Understanding absurdity requires dispassionate exercise of reason. Others' feelings about absurdity can't be fully grasped by another individual.

• We can know only two things: existence of self and existence...

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