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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Montoni refuse Emily's request to leave Udolpho?
(a) She refuses to relinquish her aunt's estates.
(b) He wants her to get over her grief before she travels.
(c) He wants to marry her now.
(d) He wants her to marry Orsini.

2. Why does Ludovico visit the castle prisoner to try to learn his identity?
(a) The prisoner begs for assistance through the castle walls.
(b) Montoni orders him to visit the prisoner.
(c) Emily hears his music and thinks the prisoner is Valancourt.
(d) He thinks the prisoner may be his long lost brother.

3. What does Emily see in Chapter One of Volume Three that makes her faint?
(a) A bloody corpse.
(b) A pirate wielding a large sword.
(c) Valancourt.
(d) Her aunt chained to a wall.

4. In Chapter Eight of Volume Three, who promises to help Emily escape from Udolpho?
(a) Bertrand.
(b) Carlo.
(c) Ludovico.
(d) Annette.

5. When Montoni grants Emily permission to visit her aunt, in what state does Emily find Madame Montoni?
(a) Wounded and losing a lot of blood.
(b) Very sick and emaciated and clearly near death.
(c) Hysterical and unable to stop screaming.
(d) Bound and gagged.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Emily hear arguing with Montoni about a former promise regarding her?

2. Where does Emily go to avoid an unwanted suitor in Chapter Seven of Volume Four?

3. Who escorts Emily and Maddelina when they take walks together?

4. Who reveals that he is the figure on the ramparts and the disembodied voice from a chamber between the walls at Udolpho?

5. Where does Emily think she spies Valancourt in Chapter Ten of Volume Four?

Short Essay Questions

1. As she learns more about the Marchioness de Villeroi, what connection does Emily suspect exists between her father and the Marchioness?

2. What story does Sister Frances relate to Emily to explain how Sister Agnes became insane?

3. In Chapter Nine of Volume Three, Emily composes a poem called "The Mariner". What role do Emily's poems play throughout the story?

4. What seemingly supernatural figure does Emily see in Chapters Two and Three of Volume Three?

5. What is Monsieur Quesnel's response to Emily's letter in Chapter Twelve of Volume Three?

6. In what ways is Blanche a mirror of Emily's character?

7. What is ironic about Emily's being sent to Tuscany for safety when castle di Udolpho is attacked?

8. Explain the mystery of the prisoner in the castle.

9. Is Valancourt a perfect hero or does he have flaws and weaknesses?

10. What seemingly supernatural event occurs when Montoni harasses Emily the estates she has inherited from her aunt?

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