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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Emily stay for several days after her father's death?
(a) At Tholouse.
(b) At the Chateau le Blanc.
(c) At Monsieur Quesnel's chateau.
(d) At the monastery of St. Clair.

2. How does Montoni respond when Emily questions him about the sudden move to the castle di Udolpho?
(a) He ignores her and refuses to answer.
(b) He tells her to ask her aunt for the answers she wants.
(c) He says he wants to protect her from Count Morano.
(d) He says he has urgent business to attend at the castle.

3. What information does Bernardine have for Emily?
(a) He has evidence that Montoni is a murderer and a thief.
(b) He has a secret letter from Valancourt.
(c) He knows where Emily's aunt is imprisoned.
(d) He knows how to escape the highly guarded castle.

4. As Madame Clairval and Madame Cheron plan Emily's wedding to Valancourt in Chapter Thirteen, who declares himself Madame Cheron's suitor?
(a) Monsieur Quesnel.
(b) Montoni.
(c) La Voisin.
(d) Cavigni.

5. What does Emily find in an ivory case inside her dead father's purse?
(a) The miniature of the mysterious lady that her father kissed.
(b) A locket.
(c) A ruby bracelet.
(d) A lock of blonde hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What promise does Monsieur St. Albert require from Emily when he realizes he is dying?

2. What is Emily's response to Valancourt's declaration of love?

3. What does Emily do after Montoni has three armed men take her aunt away?

4. Who locks Annette in a room for her safety?

5. To whom does M. St. Albert sell part of his family domain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What ghost stories does Emily hear upon her arrival at castle di Udolpho?

2. Why does Count Morano think Emily accepts his affections for her?

3. Why does Montoni suspect someone has tried to poison him when his glass bursts during dinner in Chapter Ten of Volume Two?

4. Does Monsieur St. Albert approve of Valancourt as a suitor for his daughter, Emily?

5. Why is it improper for Valancourt to visit Emily in her gardens in Chapter Ten of Volume I?

6. How does Montoni inherit the castle from Signora Laurentini?

7. Why does Ludovico begin to suspect that Montoni heads a band of robbers?

8. What delays Emily's forced marriage to Count Morano?

9. Why does Emily conclude her aunt is probably dead once Montoni has the older woman taken away to the east turret?

10. Why does Montoni want Emily to wear the most splendid dress she owns for dinner with his cavaliers?

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