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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to Emily's rescue and saves her from her kidnappers?
(a) Monsieur Quesnel.
(b) Valancourt.
(c) Annette.
(d) Montoni and his cavaliers.

2. What does Emily find carved on a stone tower near Chateau le Blanc in Chapter Seven of Volume Four?
(a) Her name.
(b) Her image.
(c) Her family's surname.
(d) A poem entitled "Shipwreck".

3. Where does Bernardine tell Emily to meet him at midnight?
(a) The garden.
(b) The dungeon.
(c) The terrace.
(d) The drawing room.

4. Who do Emily and Annette learn is behind the kidnapping scheme in Chapter One of Volume Three, and the attempt to poison Montoni?
(a) Carlo.
(b) Count Morano.
(c) Bernardine.
(d) Orsini.

5. What signals Emily that the prisoner is leaving his prison and has come to meet her?
(a) A whistle.
(b) A red handkerchief.
(c) The playing of a lute.
(d) A candle in a window.

6. Who sleeps in the Marchioness de Villeroi's supposedly haunted apartments but refuses to discuss the experience?
(a) Du Pont.
(b) Dorothee.
(c) Carlo.
(d) The Count De Villefort.

7. Which of the following does NOT describe what happens during Ludovico's meeting with the castle prisoner?
(a) The prisoner turns out to be Valancourt.
(b) The prisoner returns the stolen miniature of Emily.
(c) The prisoner refuses to reveal his name.
(d) The prisoner wants to meet with Emily.

8. What seeming supernatural events happen in the bedchamber of the Marchioness de Villeroi?
(a) A glowing apparition appears and utters strange moans.
(b) A disembodied voice speaks from the walls.
(c) A strange mist appears and seems to take human form.
(d) The bed pall moves & a face appears above the bed.

9. How does Emily feel about Du Pont?
(a) She esteems him but loves Valancourt.
(b) She fears he is in league with Montoni.
(c) She feels he wants her estates more than he wants her.
(d) She prefers him to Valancourt.

10. In Chapter Ten of Volume Four, who shoots the man who might have been Valancourt, taking him for a robber?
(a) Count De Villefort.
(b) Monsieur Quesnel.
(c) Du Pont.
(d) Jean, the gardener.

11. Who advises Emily on recovering her aunt's estates from Montoni?
(a) Blanche.
(b) Ludovico.
(c) Count De Villefort.
(d) Du Pont.

12. When the servants whisper that the Chateau Le Blanc is haunted, how does Count de Villefort respond?
(a) He scoffs at the idea of ghosts.
(b) He summons a priest to bless the place.
(c) He orders everyone to pray for the chateau.
(d) He forbids anyone to say such a thing again.

13. When Emily recovers from her faint in Chapter One of Volume Three, who is surrounding her and trying to kidnap her?
(a) Soldiers from Valancourt's regiment who hate Valancourt.
(b) Pirates.
(c) Ruffians in league with Bernardine.
(d) Her uncle's cavaliers.

14. Who does Emily believe is being held prisoner in the castle after she hears the song from the lower room?
(a) Annette.
(b) Valancourt.
(c) Monsieur Quesnel.
(d) Orsini.

15. When Blanche gets separated from the rest of the Count De Villefort's party, what does she overhear?
(a) A ghostly wail.
(b) A plot to kidnap her father.
(c) A plot to rob and murder her and her party.
(d) Weeping in a secret chamber.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Montoni threaten if Emily does not give him the estates she has inherited from her aunt?

2. When Valancourt meets Emily in Chapter Two of Volume Four, what does he hope?

3. Who betrays Montoni in Chapter Three of Volume Four?

4. Why does Montoni refuse Emily's request to leave Udolpho?

5. What happens to Count De Villefort, Blanche and the St. Foixes when they decide to head toward La Vallee in Chapter Twelve of Volume Four?

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