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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who locks Annette in a room for her safety?
(a) Ludovico.
(b) Carlo.
(c) Emily.
(d) Montoni.

2. In Chapter Ten, how much of her father's papers does Emily glimpse and read by accident before burning them?
(a) One paragraph.
(b) A single sentence.
(c) All of the letters.
(d) One letter.

3. In Chapter One of Volume Two, who stays out all night once Emily and her family arrive in Venice?
(a) Cavigni.
(b) Montoni.
(c) Count Morano.
(d) Orsino.

4. Who disappeared from castle di Udolpho twenty years earlier?
(a) The Marquis de Villeroi.
(b) Signora Laurentini.
(c) Montoni's first wife.
(d) The Marchioness de Villeroi.

5. What is Madame Clairval's relationship to Valancourt?
(a) She is Valancourt's sister.
(b) She is Valancourt's aunt.
(c) She is Valancourt's grandmother.
(d) She is Valancourt's mother.

6. What mysterious and seemingly supernatural occurrence happens while Montoni explains how he obtained the castle?
(a) A disembodied voice speaks.
(b) A white mist appears in the room.
(c) Harp music is heard where no harp or player is seen.
(d) The lights flicker on and off.

7. Who comes to Emily's rescue when she is nearly kidnapped in Chapter Six of Volume Two?
(a) Valancourt
(b) Montoni and his servants.
(c) Count Morano.
(d) Ludovico.

8. Why does Emily advise her aunt to relinquish her estates to Montoni rather than continuing to resist his will?
(a) Emily has fallen in love with Montoni.
(b) Emily wants to see her aunt ruined financially.
(c) Emily fears Montoni's possible violence toward her aunt.
(d) Montoni forces Emily to advise her aunt to give in to him.

9. In Chapter Six of Volume Two, who arrives at castle di Udolpho by carriage at midnight?
(a) Bertolini.
(b) Count Morano.
(c) Valancourt.
(d) Signor Orsini.

10. Where does Emily stay for several days after her father's death?
(a) At the Chateau le Blanc.
(b) At Monsieur Quesnel's chateau.
(c) At the monastery of St. Clair.
(d) At Tholouse.

11. When Monsieur St. Albert, Valencourt and Emily find a shepherd's cabin at which a young woman laments that gypsies have stolen several sheep, what does Valancourt do to help the woman replace her missing sheep?
(a) He gives the woman a single gold coin.
(b) He gives the woman the name of a sheep seller.
(c) He gives the woman his entire purse of money.
(d) He hunts down the gypsies and steals the sheep back.

12. When Valancourt returns to Estuviere in Chapter Eleven, what does he worry about?
(a) Emily's family not approving of his engagement to her.
(b) His health.
(c) His finances.
(d) How to get back to his regiment.

13. What does Emily do when she finds Valancourt's book?
(a) She weeps.
(b) She smiles.
(c) She steals the book.
(d) She writes Valancourt a letter.

14. What type of events does Madame Cheron make Emily attend in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Weddings of other young women.
(b) Dinner parties.
(c) Funerals.
(d) Masses at church.

15. Who surprises Emily with a visit while en route to Estuviere?
(a) The Marquis de Villeroi.
(b) Valancourt.
(c) The Marchioness de Villeroi.
(d) Madame Cheron.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Emily and Monsieur St. Albert are traveling in Chapter Three, who joins them in their travel, helps them acquire lodging, and joins them for dinner?

2. From whom is Monsieur St. Albert expecting letters in Chapter Six?

3. Who is Bernardine?

4. Which of the following statements does NOT describe what Emily experiences at La Vallee, the St. Albert family home, after her father's death?

5. At the fishing-house, what does Madame St. Albert notice is missing?

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