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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Monsieur St. Albert faint?
(a) He is ill.
(b) He hasn't eaten in a long time.
(c) He is frightened by a ghost.
(d) He has been wounded and has lost a lot of blood.

2. What has Monsieur Quesnel done at La Vallee in Chapter Three of Volume Two?
(a) He has gambled away the property.
(b) He has polluted the streams on the estate.
(c) He has set fire to the chateau.
(d) He has leased the chateau and fired the housekeeper.

3. Who surprises Emily with a visit while en route to Estuviere?
(a) Madame Cheron.
(b) Valancourt.
(c) The Marchioness de Villeroi.
(d) The Marquis de Villeroi.

4. From whom is Monsieur St. Albert expecting letters in Chapter Six?
(a) Monsieur Quesnel.
(b) Valancourt.
(c) His attorney.
(d) Madame Cheron.

5. What happens to Montoni's wine glass while he is toasting his men and their exploits at dinner?
(a) A bee flies into it.
(b) It breaks for no apparent reason.
(c) Emily kisses it.
(d) Montoni drops it.

6. Why does Monsieur St. Albert sell part of his family domain?
(a) He thinks the domain is too big for one man to care for.
(b) His father spent extravagantly.
(c) He gambles.
(d) He made unwise investments.

7. What does Montoni think the incident with his glass means?
(a) That he is cursed and will have bad luck.
(b) That the family wine steward needs to be fired.
(c) That someone has poisoned his wine.
(d) That he is clumsy.

8. What type of events does Madame Cheron make Emily attend in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Dinner parties.
(b) Weddings of other young women.
(c) Masses at church.
(d) Funerals.

9. Who overhears a second plot to abduct Emily and thereby saves her from abduction?
(a) Theresa.
(b) Carlo.
(c) Annette.
(d) Orsini.

10. Who gives Emily a secret letter as she and her aunt leave Tholouse?
(a) Cavigni.
(b) Theresa.
(c) La Voisin.
(d) Valancourt.

11. Who refuses to sign a marriage contract for Emily in Chapter Seven of Volume Two?
(a) Madame Montoni.
(b) Monsieur Quesnel.
(c) Montoni.
(d) Madame Quesnel.

12. Which of the following statements does NOT describe what Emily experiences at La Vallee, the St. Albert family home, after her father's death?
(a) All objects in the house remind Emily of her father.
(b) A masquerade ball takes place at La Vallee.
(c) Manchon, Monsieur St. Albert's dog, whines in grief.
(d) Theresa, the housekeeper, tries to console Emily.

13. Where does Emily stay for several days after her father's death?
(a) At Monsieur Quesnel's chateau.
(b) At the Chateau le Blanc.
(c) At the monastery of St. Clair.
(d) At Tholouse.

14. Who persuades Montoni to give his wife one day to reconsider her refusal to sign over her estates to him before he moves her to the east turret of the castle?
(a) Valancourt.
(b) Annette.
(c) Count Morano.
(d) Emily.

15. What is Emily's response when Valancourt suggests eloping?
(a) She insists on a formal ceremony with witnesses.
(b) She agrees to elope.
(c) She runs away with Cavigni.
(d) She opposes elopement and says they must part forever.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Montoni feel defrauded by his wife in Chapter Three of Volume II?

2. Which of the following does NOT happen when Emily refuses Count Morano's attempts to take her for a ride alone in Chapter Three of Volume Two?

3. As Madame Clairval and Madame Cheron plan Emily's wedding to Valancourt in Chapter Thirteen, who declares himself Madame Cheron's suitor?

4. What does Montoni advise Emily to do in response to Monsieur Quesnel's actions at La Vallee?

5. To whom does M. St. Albert sell part of his family domain?

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