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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13: Volume 4, chapters 7-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Monsieur St. Albert do when he finds out that he and Emily are near the Chateau le Blanc?
(a) He rejoices.
(b) He demands to be taken to the chateau.
(c) He demands to be taken away from the chateau.
(d) He weeps.

2. What happens to Montoni's wine glass while he is toasting his men and their exploits at dinner?
(a) Emily kisses it.
(b) Montoni drops it.
(c) A bee flies into it.
(d) It breaks for no apparent reason.

3. Who gives Emily a secret letter as she and her aunt leave Tholouse?
(a) Cavigni.
(b) Valancourt.
(c) Theresa.
(d) La Voisin.

4. What does Emily do when she finds Valancourt's book?
(a) She writes Valancourt a letter.
(b) She smiles.
(c) She steals the book.
(d) She weeps.

5. What is Madame Cheron's response when Valancourt visits and asks permission to see Emily?
(a) She flirts with Valancourt herself.
(b) She dismisses Valancourt.
(c) She welcomes Valancourt.
(d) She tells Valancourt Emily is engaged to another man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is imprisoned in Chapter Eight of Volume Three because of accusations sent by Montoni?

2. As Madame Clairval and Madame Cheron plan Emily's wedding to Valancourt in Chapter Thirteen, who declares himself Madame Cheron's suitor?

3. What does Emily see in Chapter One of Volume Three that makes her faint?

4. Who advises Emily on recovering her aunt's estates from Montoni?

5. Who comes to Emily's rescue when she is nearly kidnapped in Chapter Six of Volume Two?

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