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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: Volume 4, chapters 1-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Emily's mental state after her near kidnapping in Chapter One of Volume Three?
(a) She is terrified and finds it difficult to speak.
(b) She screams and cries and is inconsolable.
(c) She is fine.
(d) She faints and will not rouse.

2. Who does Emily beg not to forsake her as all have done since her father's death?
(a) Ludovico.
(b) Annette.
(c) Madame Montoni.
(d) Montoni.

3. What shocking thing does Montoni do when he and his wife and niece and friends take a gondola ride?
(a) He boards another gondola and leaves his party.
(b) He pushes his wife into the canal water.
(c) He gets drunk and gets into a fight with Cavigni.
(d) He tells his wife he has a mistress.

4. When Valancourt meets Emily in Chapter Two of Volume Four, what does he hope?
(a) That she will never have any man but him.
(b) That she will find true love with Du Pont.
(c) That his behavior won't cause her unhappiness for long.
(d) That she will forgive him and still agree to marry him.

5. When the servants whisper that the Chateau Le Blanc is haunted, how does Count de Villefort respond?
(a) He orders everyone to pray for the chateau.
(b) He scoffs at the idea of ghosts.
(c) He forbids anyone to say such a thing again.
(d) He summons a priest to bless the place.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emily see on the castle rampart that seems supernatural?

2. What seeming supernatural events happen in the bedchamber of the Marchioness de Villeroi?

3. Who do Emily and Annette learn is behind the kidnapping scheme in Chapter One of Volume Three, and the attempt to poison Montoni?

4. When Dorothee and Emily visit the bedchamber of the Marchioness de Villeroi, what does Dorothee unexpectedly throw over Emily?

5. What does Emily see in Chapter One of Volume Three that makes her faint?

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