The Mysteries of Udolpho Character Descriptions

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Emily St. Albert

This character is the heroine or protagonist of The Mysteries of Udolpho, and is chaste and virtuous.


This character is the antagonist of the story and marries for mercenary reasons.


This character is the protagonist's love interest.

Mme. Montoni nee Cheron

This character is left in charge of the protagonist when the protagonist is orphaned. The character marries and moves to Venice, but refuses to sign over estates to the antagonist and is imprisoned.

Marchioness de Villeroi

This character's father forces her to marry and her husband slowly poisons her.

Signora Laurentini

This character disappears twenty years before the novel begins, and instigates the murder of the protagonist's paternal aunt.

Chevalier Du Pont

This character is imprisoned and plays mysterious music at night, walks on the ramparts to catch a glimpse of the protagonist, and frightens the antagonist by acting as the voice...

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