The Mysteries of Udolpho Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1: Volume 1, chapters 1-5

• Monsieur St. Albert marries for love and must sell part of his family domain to his brother-in-law, M. Quesnel.

• On a walk to the fishing-house, St. Albert and his daughter Emily's favorite spot, Emily notices a sonnet written on a wainscot that she suspects is about her, though there is no dedication.

• St. Albert becomes sick, and upon his recovery, takes a walk to the fishing-house with his wife and daughter where Emily sees a dedication to herself added to the sonnet.

• Madame St. Albert notices her locket with a miniature of Emily is missing, and Emily suspects the poet and thief are the same person.

• Emily and M. St. Albert return from a walk to find Madame St. Albert sick with a fever; Madame St. Albert dies shortly after.

• After Madame St. Albert's funeral, Monsieur St. Albert and Emily return visits, beginning with...

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