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Pittsburgh, PA

This culturally diverse city serves as a backdrop for Art Bechstein's wild summer after college graduation.

Hillman Library

This is where Art first sees Arthur reading a book, and where Phlox works behind a grilled window repairing books.

Cloud Factory

This is a large stack that blows great white puffs of cloud intermittently, and no one is sure what is made there.

Boardwalk Bookstore

This is where Art is employed part-time as a clerk.

Duquesne Hotel

The largest and most lavish hotel in Pittsburgh, this is where Art's father, who is obviously very well off, stays when he visits.

Lost Neighborhood

This is located down in the ravine where the less fortunate live and play.


This is an apartment complex where Art Bechstein lives, that was formerly an upscale development.


Art, in his narrative, goes on a tirade about people who major in thin...

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