The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Character Descriptions

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Art Bechstein

The protagonist and narrator of this story, Art is a complex young man with an unusual set of circumstances.

Arthur LeComte

He is openly gay, and has a well-dressed, confident charm about him that Art is immediately drawn to.

Cleveland Arning

He lusts in a deep way for something bigger and better, and sees increase in everything, including his growing belly.

Phlox Lombardi

She is eccentric in her dress and mannerisms, and has clearly been trying to figure out her true identity.

Joe Bechstein

He has tried to spare Art the life of a gangster by sending him to college and wants Art to have relationships with better women than Art's earlier girlfriend, Claire.

Lenny Stern and Elaine Stern

He is a loan shark and owns jewelry stores. Lenny and gangster, Frankie Breezy, have young men, like Cleveland, collecting inflated debts from the poor people who...

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