The Murders in the Rue Morgue Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• The story begins with an epigraph by Sir Thomas Browne that suggests that no mystery is beyond solving.
• The narrator of the story mentions analysis and how it applies to the story.

• The story's narrator discusses that the game of chess requires less analytical thought than checkers.
• The Narrator meets and befriends C. Augustine Dupin, a poor man from a wealthy family, in Paris.

• Dupin's only luxury is books.
• The Narrator and Dupin move in together and usually come out only at night.
• The Narrator considers Dupin to have an analytical mind and admires him for it.
• The Narrator is shocked when Dupin uses his analysis to respond to a direct thought he had about an actor.
• The two characters read about a mother and duaghter who were killed in the Rue Morgue, their home.
• Neighbors had tried to enter the gates...

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