Objects & Places from The Murderer's Daughters

Randy Susan Meyers
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Joey Zachariah kills his wife with this item from their kitchen.

Onyx Boxes

Celeste inherited these upon her father's death that she would occasionally take off the shelves and allow her daughters to dust.

Tearjerker Movies

Every year on the anniversary of their mother's death, Lulu and Merry will watch these in her honor.


Joey sends many of these to his daughters during his years in jail.


Cassandra's teacher uses these to suggest to Drew that Cassandra needs emotional counseling.

Expensive Clothing

The Cohens buy these items for Merry and Lulu, adding to their fears of being abandoned someday if they are not good.


Merry often uses this as a tool to help her cope with the emotional fallout of her childhood.

Duffy-Parkman Home for Girls

Merry and Lulu live here for several years after the death of Mimi Rubee.

Richmond County Prison


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