The Murderer's Daughters Character Descriptions

Randy Susan Meyers
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Louise 'Lulu' Zachariah Winterson

She takes on a caretaker role for her younger sister from young childhood because her mother is young and does not care for her children as well as she might.

Meredith 'Merry' Zachariah

On the day that her father murdered her mother, she was also stabbed in a failed murder attempt.

Joey Zachariah

He is madly in love with his wife throughout their marriage but stabs her to death when she steals one of his paychecks.

Celeste Zachariah

She is a beautiful woman and has been told she should have been an actress, but instead, she became pregnant at sixteen and got married.

Drew Winterson

He is a kind, patient man whose mother was an alcoholic, leaving him with an understanding of dysfunctional families but an intolerance for aggression.

Grandma Zelda

She is granted custody of her granddaughters but her health problems prevent her...

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