The Murderer's Daughters Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Randy Susan Meyers
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Part 1: Chapters 1-3

• Ten-year-old Lulu Zachariah and her five-year-old sister, Ruby, are playing quietly in their room when their father, Joey Zachariah, knocks on the front door of their Brooklyn apartment.

• Because the girls' mother, Celeste, is napping, Lulu answers the door and her father sweet talks her into letting him in even though she has been told not to ever let him in the house.

• As her parents fight over money, Lulu cowers in the hallway and Celeste yells for Merry to go to Celeste's bedroom.`
• The fight escalates and Merry yells at Lulu to go get help because Joey has a knife.

• Lulu hesitates a moment and then proceeds downstairs to get a neighbor named Teenie.

• When Lulu and Teenie return to the apartment, Celeste is dead from multiple stab wounds, Merry is lying on Celeste's bed with stab wounds to her chest, and Joey is...

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