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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Pimton say about what they are going to make?
(a) It is more nutritious than the real thing.
(b) It is less tasty than the real thing.
(c) It is cheaper than the real thing.
(d) It has much less sugar than the real thing.

2. Who does Jerome discover at the basketball court?
(a) Three policemen and Bix.
(b) The drug dealers.
(c) Jerome's middle brother.
(d) Bix.

3. What does Jerome offer for Bix to do?
(a) Go home with Jerome for dinner.
(b) Meet Jerome there every night.
(c) Start back in the home economics class.
(d) Teach Jerome baseball.

4. What does Jerome realize as he watches Bix's stepfather warm up?
(a) Bix will have a very hard time winning.
(b) The stepfather is a dominating man.
(c) The stepfather has not played that much basketball.
(d) Bix will easily win.

5. What does Bix do the next week at school?
(a) He is surly.
(b) He speaks to no one.
(c) He is absent from school that week.
(d) He is boisterous and witty.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Bix get the basketball he has with him?

2. Who ensures that the bet is paid by the loser?

3. What does Jerome notice about Bix's clothes?

4. What do the girls suggest about the best looking pie?

5. What does Jerome worry about for his mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. How long of a break is there when Jerome and Bix do not see each other, and what does Jerome do as far as practicing basketball in the meantime?

2. What does Bix do in the Home Economics class that is disturbing?

3. Who is watching Jerome one day as he is practicing and what does Jerome do?

4. How does Jerome's new lantern help him with his basketball practice?

5. Why does Bix challenge his stepfather to a one-on-one game and who is to referee the game?

6. How do Bix and Jerome deepen their friendship?

7. How does Jerome feel going down the path to the court at night and what exacerbates those feelings?

8. What does Miss Pimton teach to make in the next class and what is Jerome's reaction?

9. How does Jerome's lantern come to be called Spin Light?

10. What does Jerome tell his momma about Bix and what is her response?

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