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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Jerome's mother when she gets home from the hospital?
(a) Happy and energetic.
(b) Bedridden.
(c) Slower, quieter and weaker.
(d) Pretty much back to her old self.

2. When does Bix say he will visit his mother?
(a) In another month.
(b) The following Friday.
(c) He does not say.
(d) The next day.

3. What bet is wagered in this section?
(a) Jerome's ball against one of the other boy's knives.
(b) Jerome's ball against a spot in the home economics class.
(c) Jerome's ball against the crewman's lantern.
(d) Jerome's ball against Bix's glove.

4. What does Jerome offer for Bix to do?
(a) Teach Jerome baseball.
(b) Start back in the home economics class.
(c) Meet Jerome there every night.
(d) Go home with Jerome for dinner.

5. What question does Jerome ask Bix that Bix challenges?
(a) If they are best friends.
(b) If Bix ever thinks of Jerome's skin color.
(c) If Bix wants to try out for the basketball team.
(d) If Bix knows his real dad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jerome notice about Bix's clothes?

2. How is Jerome's question about what they are to make received by the girls?

3. What surprises Jerome when he tells his mother about Bix?

4. What is Jerome unable to restrain after a few minutes of hiding in the dark?

5. Who is Bobo?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Jerome relating to his momma when he starts crying and what does his momma want her sons to do?

2. How long of a break is there when Jerome and Bix do not see each other, and what does Jerome do as far as practicing basketball in the meantime?

3. About what does Bix challenge Jerome?

4. How does Jerome's lantern come to be called Spin Light?

5. How does Bix make steps towards a friendship with Jerome?

6. How does Jerome discover who is at "his" court one night?

7. What does Bix's stepfather say about Bix's relationship to Bix's mother?

8. What does Miss Pimton teach to make in the next class and what is Jerome's reaction?

9. Who is watching Jerome one day as he is practicing and what does Jerome do?

10. What does Jerome look forward to in his Home Economics class, and what surprises him when he arrives there?

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