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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jerome discover at the basketball court?
(a) The drug dealers.
(b) Jerome's middle brother.
(c) Bix.
(d) Three policemen and Bix.

2. How is Jerome's mother when she gets home from the hospital?
(a) Pretty much back to her old self.
(b) Slower, quieter and weaker.
(c) Happy and energetic.
(d) Bedridden.

3. What do Jerome's brothers think of his cooking at home?
(a) They like what he is making.
(b) They do not believe home economics class is helping him as a cook.
(c) They think he cooks better than their mother.
(d) They do not say much.

4. What does Jerome realize as a result of Bix challenging him?
(a) Jerome needs to think less about skin color.
(b) Jerome is probably wondering about his own ancestry.
(c) Jerome has his own prejudices.
(d) Jerome does not need to talk as much as he thought he did.

5. Out of what do the Home Economics students practice making hamburger patties?
(a) Paper mache.
(b) They use real hamburger.
(c) Flour dough.
(d) Playdough.

6. Where is the new court where Jerome practices?
(a) Near some train tracks.
(b) In a predominantly white section of town.
(c) Near the city dump.
(d) Near a junkyard.

7. What does Jerome imagine while he is practicing by himself on the basketball court?
(a) Getting on the high school team.
(b) A scout seeing him.
(c) Playing against Bix.
(d) Playing for the pros.

8. What does Bix ask of Jerome?
(a) To talk to Bix's stepfather.
(b) To run away with him.
(c) To play baseball on Bix's team.
(d) To be able to hold the lantern.

9. Who tests the winning pie(s)?
(a) The principal.
(b) The janitor.
(c) The nurse.
(d) Another teacher.

10. How does Jerome try to break the ice between him and Bix?
(a) With a joke.
(b) By letting Bix choose what they will cook.
(c) With a comment about the teacher.
(d) By saying Jerome admires Bix's short stop abilities.

11. What does Jerome notice about Bix's clothes?
(a) They are untidy.
(b) They are immaculate and stiff.
(c) They do not match.
(d) They are in the latest style.

12. How does Bix seem in Home Economics class?
(a) Embarrassed.
(b) Shy and uncomfortable.
(c) Arrogant.
(d) Confident.

13. How does Jerome make Bix laugh?
(a) Showing him an underhanded ball throw.
(b) Making alien noises.
(c) Jerome promises to bring Spin Light to the basketball court.
(d) Jerome dictates the basketball game as if it were a baseball game.

14. About what do Bix and his stepfather argue?
(a) Bix doing his school work.
(b) Bix going to visit his mother in the psychiatric hospital.
(c) Bix going to a boarding school.
(d) Bix playing two major sports.

15. What does Jerome ask the Home Economics teacher?
(a) If they can make chocolate cake instead.
(b) Why they are making desserts when they haven't made a main course.
(c) If they can make peach pie instead of cherry pie.
(d) Why they are making fake food?

Short Answer Questions

1. Who ensures that the bet is paid by the loser?

2. How long does Jerome work with Bix on the basketball court?

3. What does Jerome realize as he watches Bix's stepfather warm up?

4. About what does Jerome taunt Bix?

5. What changes with Bix as he plays with the lantern?

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