The Moves Make the Man Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who does the narrator, Jerome, introduce and what does he say about where the young man is?

First person narrator Jerome Foxworthy introduces the story of Bix Rivers with references to Bix's disappearance and to how there is no one else to tell his story.

2. Describe Braxton Rivers' parents.

Bix's mother is in an insane asylum, and Bix's step-father is too busy gathering the pity and sympathy of the town because Bix has run away.

3. What does Jerome want to do in church and what does he decide to do for Bix?

Jerome writes about his anger at how Bix is being spoken of in church (as a child "full of sin"), and about his impulse to stand up at the church and tell the truth. Jerome writes that he's got nothing but time this particular summer, so is going to tell the truth about Bix.

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