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North Carolina

This is where the story takes place.


This is the small city in North Carolina where the action of the narrative takes place.

Jerome's House

Jerome lives here with his mother and three brothers.

Bix's Notebook

In the early stages of the narrative, Jerome describes how he takes this from Bix's room.

Bix's Baseball Glove

This is Bix's most precious possession, taking care of it in a detailed, almost obsessive way.


This is Jerome's favorite game.

Jerome's Secret Basketball Court

This is where Jerome spends much of his free time.

Chestnut Street Junior High School

This is the whites only school that Jerome is forced to attend as a local manifestation of national efforts to end racial segregation.

The Mock Apple Pie(s)

This is made with crushed Ritz Crackers and flavored with cinnamon.

The Train Lantern (Spin Light)

This is won by Jerome...

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