The Moves Make the Man Character Descriptions

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Jerome Foxworthy

He is the book's narrator and its protagonist.

Bix Rivers

He is the novel's antagonist, the character whose confrontations with the main character triggers most of his struggles and transformations.

Bix's Mother

She has a profound influence on the life of her son.

Bix's Stepfather

He is revealed to be realistic, direct, wise and compassionate in ways that surprise not only the narrator, but the reader as well.

Jerome's Mother

She is portrayed as a strong, positive presence in the life of all three of her sons.

Maurice, Henri

They are Jerome's brothers.

Jigaboo, Nigger, Cracker

These names are used several times by characters of one race to refer negatively to characters of another.

Mr. Egglestobs, Miss Pimton

These characters are two of the teachers Jerome encounters during his experiences at Chestnut Street Junior High School.

The Train Man, Bobo

These two characters challenge Jerome's basketball...

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