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First Part, Sections 1, 2 and 3

• Jerome Foxworthy says in the first person, that Bix Rivers disappears and there is no one left to tell his story.

• Bix's mother is in a mental institution and his father claims that Bix has run away.

• In church Bix is said to be a child full of sin and Jerome wishes to stand up and tell the truth.

• He says that Bix was a superb shortstop and flushes with color when angry and ashamed. Jerome wants to tell why Bix ran away.
• Jerome says he is a writer and thus should be the person to tell the truth but also because he has Bix's notebook.

• The notebook has directions on how to take care of a baseball glove and how to be a good shortstop. Jerome says he sneaked in Bix's room to get the notebook.

• Jerome says he is not a thief...

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