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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which country is used as an example of the difficulties of international communication?
(a) Germany
(b) Russia
(c) Japan
(d) Canada

2. Which of the following languages has not been proposed as an international language?
(a) Seaspeak
(b) Esperanto
(c) Chinese
(d) Volapuk

3. What is one of the organizations that has failed as a grammar regulatory force?
(a) Oxford University
(b) Harvard University
(c) Academie Francaise
(d) United Nations

4. Many words that were once considered taboo are now considered to be ______________________.
(a) quite innocent
(b) inappropriate
(c) vulgar
(d) slightly offensive

5. From what context do many swear words come?
(a) Religious
(b) Physical
(c) Demographic
(d) Age

6. What did North American immigrants do with their native languages?
(a) They abandoned them
(b) They modified them somewhat
(c) They held to them steadfastly
(d) They modified them radically

7. In addition to organization, what other issues arise when publishing a dictionary?
(a) Psychological
(b) Financial
(c) Social
(d) Political

8. What is another area of concern regarding the state of the English language?
(a) The lack of adoption globally
(b) The fragmenting of different forms of English
(c) The lack of education resources
(d) The decline of proper English

9. What is the mission of the English-only movement in the U.S.?
(a) Find funding for the study of the English language
(b) Make English the official language
(c) Finance its own dictionary
(d) Find funding to teach English in third world nations

10. What language is used to communicate across borders?
(a) Japanese
(b) English
(c) Italian
(d) French

11. When did the English language go through many changes?
(a) When it moved to North America
(b) During the American Revolution
(c) After Viking invasions of England
(d) After the Bubonic Plague ravaged Europe

12. Why does the author think it is difficult to trace the history of language using only written records?
(a) Meanings can be lost in translation
(b) Documents can be lost or altered
(c) Historians are prone to making errors
(d) Much is not accounted for if spoken language is not accounted for

13. What else is difficult to determine about the English language?
(a) What is determined to be proper
(b) How each word is altered by region
(c) How many words the average person knows
(d) How slang develops

14. Which two languages have found some purpose in international communications?
(a) Seaspeak and Chinese
(b) Seaspeak and Esperanto
(c) Esperanto and Volapuk
(d) Seaspeak and English

15. What has prompted the English-only movement in the U.S.?
(a) English is easier to learn than other languages
(b) The growing Hispanic population of the U.S.
(c) English is easier to speak than other languages
(d) The prevalence of the U.S. in world business

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the British typically view American pronunciation and vocabulary?

2. American names adapt and change to suit _______________________ pronunciation and spelling patterns.

3. What shows up in versions of early dictionaries?

4. What is the second word game described by the author in Chapter 15?

5. English grammar rules are based on what?

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