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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it nearly impossible for a dictionary to keep pace with the English language?
(a) It is not printed often enough
(b) Regional words are always changing
(c) Slang words drop out of use
(d) It grows at such a fast pace

2. What occurs when English speaking world leaders are forced to rely on translators?
(a) Decisions are postponed
(b) Errors in translation
(c) Lag in translation
(d) Gross misunderstandings

3. How do the British typically view American pronunciation and vocabulary?
(a) They want to destroy them
(b) They are open to anything American
(c) They look down on them
(d) They try to emulate them

4. English is the language of _____________________.
(a) love
(b) the people who speak it
(c) diplomacy
(d) civility

5. What else is difficult to determine about the English language?
(a) How slang develops
(b) How each word is altered by region
(c) How many words the average person knows
(d) What is determined to be proper

6. A trend seen on both sides of the Atlantic is that of _________________________.
(a) fining for swear words written in public
(b) restricting swear words in public
(c) punishing for swear words said in public
(d) whispering swear words in public

7. In what year was the crossword puzzle invented?
(a) 1913
(b) 1945
(c) 1889
(d) 1965

8. English grammar rules are based on what?
(a) Old English
(b) Latin
(c) Oxford University guidelines
(d) Celtic

9. What is the dictionary that follows Webster's forty years later?
(a) Oxford English Dictionary
(b) Mensa English Dictionary
(c) Harvard English Dictionary
(d) Franklin's English Dictionary

10. What element guides generational language?
(a) Superiority
(b) Regionalism
(c) Pop culture
(d) Colloquialisms

11. An American car license plate can be an example of what?
(a) Rebus
(b) Metaphor
(c) Palindrome
(d) Vanity

12. What does the author note about spoken swear words throughout English literature?
(a) They are derived from proper English
(b) They have regional variations
(c) They are too vulgar to write down
(d) They are largely unrecorded

13. How many words were contained in the dictionary mentioned in #113?
(a) 4,300
(b) 25,000
(c) 43,000
(d) 430,000

14. British surnames are the product of confusing pronunciations and ____________________.
(a) word combinations
(b) spellings
(c) accents
(d) colloquialisms

15. What is another characteristic of spoken swear words?
(a) They are humorous
(b) They are insulting
(c) They are inflammatory
(d) They are difficult to trace

Short Answer Questions

1. British pronunciation and vocabulary is generally viewed to have high ________________ in North America.

2. When did the English language go through many changes?

3. How many words does the dictionary mentioned in #117 contain?

4. According to the author what will happen when English comes into its own as a modern language of international importance?

5. English cannot be confined to arbitrary rules or ____________________.

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