The Mother Tongue Short Essay - Answer Key

Bill Bryson
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1. What is the proof of the power of the English language in the modern world?

English words and phrases have entered the vocabularies of many other languages around the world.

2. Why is learning the English language considered a large industry in the world?

English is often the neutral language chosen for international businesses, where workers and management speak different native languages.

3. What are the merits of using the English language?

English has a vocabulary that is significantly larger than other languages, allowing speakers to express ideas that are more precise. English grammar also has some complexities that allow speakers to make distinctions not available in other languages.

4. What drawbacks are there in using the English language?

Many languages make distinctions that the English language does not, and have specific words for conditions that do not have an English equivalent. English, therefore, needs to borrow these words.

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