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Bill Bryson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 The First Thousand Years.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Language has the ability to do what?
(a) Unite global communities
(b) Create peace among countries
(c) Go beyond national borders
(d) Expand and grow

2. What can make learning English unnecessarily difficult?
(a) Tense switching
(b) Grammar rules
(c) Vowels
(d) The alphabet

3. What does the author use to show the development of human speech?
(a) Archaeological evidence
(b) The Bible
(c) Cave drawings
(d) Parchments

4. Which words are appropriate for the common people to use?
(a) French
(b) Irish
(c) Anglo-Saxon
(d) Danish

5. For what is the Venerable Bede famous?
(a) Preserving religious rituals on scrolls
(b) Writing a book on the History of England
(c) Printing the Bible in French
(d) Defending Britain from the Romans

Short Answer Questions

1. Who establishes a large presence in Northern England in the year 850?

2. The author finds that many languages _________________________.

3. What about the English language gives users greater range of expression?

4. Languages around the world contain common ______________________.

5. What does the English language's large vocabulary mean to users?

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