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Bill Bryson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 The First Thousand Years.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is usually important to users of other languages that the English language expresses with one general category word?
(a) Acronyms
(b) Groups of words
(c) Colloquialisms
(d) Slang

2. Who is Noam Chomsky?
(a) A Russian writer
(b) A British psychologist
(c) A French archaeologist
(d) An American linguist

3. Who establishes a large presence in Northern England in the year 850?
(a) The Romans
(b) The Russians
(c) The Danish Vikings
(d) The French

4. The author tends to think that English is special because of ___________________________.
(a) its inherent ease of learning
(b) its verb use
(c) its lyrical sound
(d) its flexibility of use

5. What about the English language gives users greater range of expression?
(a) Past and future tenses
(b) Active and passive voices
(c) More vowel sounds
(d) More letters of the alphabet

Short Answer Questions

1. Who lost control of the United Kingdom under Roman occupation?

2. From which tribe does England get its name?

3. What is often cited as an equalizing force in English?

4. The author finds that many languages _________________________.

5. The differences between languages bring up questions about what?

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