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Bill Bryson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 The First Thousand Years.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author discusses the elements that English lacks but that ______________________________.
(a) Other languages have
(b) Make it a superior language regardless
(c) Could stand improvement
(d) Really don't make a difference

2. The author states that there are characteristics in the English language that ______________________________.
(a) are lacking in other languages
(b) are intuitive
(c) are easy to learn
(d) are fundamental

3. The author finds that many languages _________________________.
(a) die out eventually
(b) have many similarities
(c) overlap geographically
(d) are difficult to learn

4. There is debate about the simplicity of English spelling and _________________________.
(a) vowel sounds
(b) pronunciation
(c) meaning
(d) tense

5. Language differences within a country are often ________________.
(a) irreconcilable
(b) divisive
(c) political
(d) petty

Short Answer Questions

1. What can make learning English unnecessarily difficult?

2. What about the English language gives users greater range of expression?

3. The Celts are strongly influenced by which culture?

4. What happens when a group of native speakers dies out?

5. What is the difference between Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthal man?

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