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Bill Bryson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 Good English and Bad.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Languages around the world contain common ______________________.
(a) vowels
(b) verb tenses
(c) consonants
(d) foundations

2. The Celts are strongly influenced by which culture?
(a) Roman
(b) French
(c) Norwegian
(d) Germanic

3. Who were two champions for the simplification of English spelling?
(a) Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster
(b) Ben Franklin and Noah Webster
(c) Ben Franklin and Guttenberg
(d) Ben Franklin and John Adams

4. On what does a child's vocabulary rely?
(a) Geographic area
(b) Nationality
(c) IQ
(d) Exposure to the speech of the primary caregiver

5. What is onomatopoeia?
(a) The predecessor of Cro-Magnon man
(b) A new insect genus
(c) A culinary trend
(d) A word which represents the sound of something

Short Answer Questions

1. The differences between languages bring up questions about what?

2. Who is the official authority over the English language?

3. During Norman rule, which words are appropriate for the upper class to use?

4. What do the Asian languages have less of than other languages?

5. What country attempts to control language by its academic system instead of following social forces?

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